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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere won't install. Tried manual approach.

    It turns out there was an issue with the micro USB cable. I replaced it with another and I'm getting a pink light. Thank you for the help.
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere won't install. Tried manual approach.

    Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything labeled COM1. It doesn't seem to want to install a driver under any circumstance, even if I follow the instructions properly. Because there's nothing under other devices, I can't do a manual update to fix it either.
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    Hacking NS-Atmosphere won't install. Tried manual approach.

    I need help. I have followed the tutorial to get my NS-Atmosphere payload injector to work. My computer is set up to have had driver signature enforcement to permanently be disabled. I have installed the programmer, plugged in my dongle, and turned it on and clicked the reset button twice, but...
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    Problem with NRage - Gamecube controller

    So, I know that most people complain about their c stick not working in terms of camera adjustment in SM64 and stuff like that, and I was starting to think that it was the physical controller at fault, but just out of curiosity, I switched the analog stick with the c stick. Because analog was...
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    Hardware Hardmodding a wii?

    Hi, I am new here so I apologize for coming across as a total noob (because I am) I have heard about hardmodding recently, and while I know softmodding is easier, I am really interested in it. I have heard about needing to know about your optical drive but I haven't any idea how to figure that...
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