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    Hacking Enabling 480p for SM64 USA VC on non NTSC Wii

    For the past couple of days i've been playing SM64(USA version) on my PAL Wii and i noticed something odd, the Video was in 480i instead of 480p while my wii was set to 480p in the settings. I decided to take a look at the intructions of the game itself and well, it seems like it only checks for...
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    Gaming Debug Mode in Inazuma Eleven 3 Team ogre attacks!

    I've discoverd this by editing INAZUMA.INI There is a certain flag called "RPG_SCRIPT_NO" and this is normally at 31010000 By looking at Eventinfo.txt i thought: "lets change that value in INAZUMA.INI to 39010000" I tried to do so in the japanese version of the game, it didn't work...
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    Hacking Wood AKMenu 1.25 running on R4i SDHC clone(iTouch clone apparently)

    Wood AKMenu 1.25 working on R4i SDHC I discovered what file it normally autoboots to and you can replace this with Wood AKMenu or even TWiLightMenu++. Sadly i wasn't able to boot games on TWiLightMenu, but games work on the Wood Kernel. The file you need to replace is R4i.SYS(and add the __rpg...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi i'm SwareJonge, I really like coding and Nintendo stuff(mainly NDS and Wii)
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