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  1. ImmortalGamer

    Hardware Bought a used PSP 1000 for €20! + 6 games and a ton of accessories

    I've had my PSP 3000 for a long time now, and when i saw a video about different models i thought the PSP 1000 looked pretty cool, just to collect you know. so i found a used one on the internet and offered the seller €20. he agreed for €20 and all my friends told me it was a scam. but today i...
  2. ImmortalGamer

    Hacking 333Mhz - Not noticing any differences in performance?

    ive tried almost all of my games on some intensive parts with the default clock and with the clock speed on 333/222. in both cases the performance seems exactly the same. i am using pro firmware, not sure which version. does this depend on the game or am i missing something here?
  3. ImmortalGamer

    Hacking need help with PSP save file folder names

    My PSP memory card got corrupted and i was affraid i had lost everything on it. i cracked a file recovery software (easeUS data recovery wizard) and i was able to get al of my files back. some folders containing save and some folders containing other stuff. it scanned the memory stick in sectors...
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