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  1. Calafas

    Left 4 Dead

    I just bought this...what a waste of £27! Words cannot describe how pissed off I am right now. Also, before people say 'its only £27, durrr', I coulda bought a couple of decent games for that...and money is fairly scarce at the moment...gah!
  2. Calafas

    Gaming Call of Duty [email protected]

    So, i recently 'acquired' CoD [email protected], and have been playing happily through it, and got to rank 50 or so online. Then all of a sudden today, it stopped letting me online on my profile, saying it couldnt connect to the servers. However, the weird thing is, on my friends profile, on the same disk...
  3. Calafas

    Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak

    So, i'm not into most rap, but i've been a fan of Kanye West for a long time. So, I got his new album earlier, and was surprised to find a totally different music style than his previous work. The new album is less 'rap' and a lot slower, easy going (which im not complaining about). Some of...
  4. Calafas

    Dead Set

    Anyone been watching Dead Set, the 5 part zombie program on E4? I was originally put off by the whole Big Brother thing, but after hearing Davina was gonna get eaten, and zombified, i had to watch, and i must say, i'm addicted to it, absolutely loving it! Anybody else been watching it...
  5. Calafas

    Ds spelling/vocab games?

    Hey guys, so my 14 year old girlfriend has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia, although we've known she's had learning problems for a while, and it really gets her down, as she thinks she's stupid. The problem is, she wants to read, but the range of books she can read is very limited. So...
  6. Calafas

    Exam results.

    So, i'm getting my GCSE results tomorra, and they depend on wether I get into college (to do what i want, anyway) or not. Any other people here getting their results tomorra? [Wish me luck!]
  7. Calafas

    Weak Bladder :(

    Everyone who posts in this blog loves men.
  8. Calafas

    Homemade Halo 3 weapons What the fuck guys
  9. Calafas

    I'm Scared

    I dont quite know how to write this. But I just got the worst news of my life so far. My girlfriend, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Now, i know it can be treated if they caught it early enough. But she cant even be treated until next Febuary, cause she has to be 15. And...
  10. Calafas

    Currently Listening To...?

    What are you listening to at the minute? Brokencyde - Jealousy
  11. Calafas

    Gaming Soldat (PC)

    Any Soldat players out there? Favourite weapons? Game Modes? Levels? Personally, i love the SPAS, Chainsaw, and LAW. and RamboMatches are awesome (gotta love the Rambo Bow) Also, Mr. Snowman ftw, love that level. :]
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