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  1. OneUp

    Hacking UNEEK+DI SD card emulation? (for Brawl)

    I was wondering if there was a current way to patch SD card reads from SD to USB inside UNEEK+DI. If there is not, would it be too hard to implement? This would make it easier to load Brawl with mods without needing to swap SD cards and take a Brawl disk everywhere. (I figure it would be...
  2. OneUp

    Hacking Backup Launcher & Ocarina....

    I can not seem to get any codes to work with backup games. They work fine with the original discs, but not the backups. Before anyone says to try hooktype VI or rebooter, I have tried all options, and it still doesn't work. All the games run fine no crashing issues or whatnot. It says SD...
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