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    Hacking PSP-3001 09g 6.35/6.39 Perma?

    I got this system today, it came with OFW 6.37, so I upgraded to 6.38 then downgraded to 6.35 and hacked it. Unfortunately it's a Light CFW, so I have to rehack it each time it powers down. Not a huge process, but it would be nice to not have to do that everytime. Does anyone know of a...
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    Misc Pokemon Event Distro

    From what I've heard, usually for the more recent Pokemon Distribution at Toys R Us and other game stores have a DS with a special cartridge locked under a desk near the sign that tells you how to download the mystery gift. The DS broadcasts the Mystery Gift, you get your egg, and everyone's...
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    New NDSL and some stuff

    So I picked up a DSLite recently. I got a stylus and a slot 2 cover from a friend. I ordered an Acekard 2i from 0ShippingZone on 03/26/2011 I ordered a Rumble Pack from DealExtreme on 3/26/2011 The Acekard has no shipping number, but I did get a picture from 0SZ at like 1am on the 28th. The...
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