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  1. AD2076

    Windows 11. Yay or Nay?

    I am gonna update my Lenovo to Monterey
  2. AD2076

    Congratulations to our founder KiVan on his wedding!

    Come si dice dalle nostre parti: Auguri e figli maschi!
  3. AD2076

    Hacking Switchroot Android 10 released

    Yes you can but I would not. If you really want to, join switchroot discord
  4. AD2076

    Atmosphere modding not working

    You use a mac. Mac isn't friendly with sdcards. Boot hekate and use its "Archive bit fix" function or have a look here:
  5. AD2076

    Atmosphere modding not working

    check archive bit
  6. AD2076

    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    my handheld console already have an oled. PSVITA is better than Switch. Every thread needs a fanboy war....
  7. AD2076

    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    I'd get rid of the big stand and hammer the old MB into the new body. :D
  8. AD2076

    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Switch OLED body is larger than previous models. How can the old MB be too big?
  9. AD2076

    Hacking Black screen after Atmophere splashscreen

    check /atmosphere/content folder for old sysmodules and cheats. I'd start with an empty /atmosphere/content to check if Atmosphere boots properly, then add latest versions of your sysmodules.
  10. AD2076

    Hacking Question Is it safe to bring RCM Loader and jig to airport?

    Really love the US: everyone can buy a gun but you have to worry about RCM loader at the airport
  11. AD2076

    Hacking OFW on emunand instead of sysnand?

    You can run OFW from emunand. Many people use two emunands ( one for OFW and One for CFW) to keep sysnand FW to a low FW version
  12. AD2076

    Hacking Question Cancelled NSP installation on sysnand. Do I need to flash my backup to "clean" it?

    I'd restore the backup. Better safe than sorry. Edit: not sure about the old backup
  13. AD2076

    Hacking Question Updating Switch Rev. 1 from 8.1.0 (0.9.2 AMS) to latest version?

    You can update AMS/Hekate and check everything works fine. Then you can update your FW. Not sure if 8.1.0 to 11.0.1 can cause issue. I'd use Daybreak.
  14. AD2076

    ROM Hack RELEASE The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild | Infinite Weapon Durability Mod | 1.6.0

    I see every weapon in the screenshot have the durability+ parameter, will I loose other parameters? (attack up, long range...)
  15. AD2076

    Hacking Question I can still update FW when console banned

    The ban blocks your console from connecting to every nintendo server but the one for FW updates. It's the normal behavior
  16. AD2076

    Hardware "panic occured" after update, need help

    Latest version of Mission Control works with fw 11.0.1 and AMS M.16.2
  17. AD2076

    Hacking Error code 2153-1540?? Need help guys

    no auto Hekate chainloads fusee-primary or use fss0?
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