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  1. Nikokaro

    Gaming Shadow Warrior - Twin Dragon: request for help!

    Would someone kindly tell me where the first key (keycard) is located in the second map (city of despair)? According to a rough guide ( ) it should be on a rooftop, but I absolutely cannot find it. I have the doubt that it is a...
  2. Nikokaro

    Gaming [help] Final Fantasy 6 Advance saving issue on Supercard SD

    Has anyone ever been able to save this game on this flashcart? An user said that changing the format of the .sav file to a 128kb one (instead of the normal 64kb file), it would save it...I don't think that's true! 🙄 I tried to use 128, 256, 512kb save formats, already present in a folder of the...
  3. Nikokaro

    Gaming [help] Racing Lagoon (eng patched) eboot issue !!!

    Getting straight to the heart of the matter, I converted this psx iso (english patched) to eboot (with maximum data compression) and tested it on my PSP 3004 (with the default version of Pops) and at first everything seemed fine. But during the first car race (when the screen is crowded with...
  4. Nikokaro

    Gaming PSP Utawarerumono english translation ???

    Does anyone know what happened to the translation project of Utawarerumono in english carried out by Blacklabel translation group? It is a tactical-rpg/visual novel with a moving and compelling storyline. The game is identical to the PC version already translated into english by Mirrormoon. The...
  5. Nikokaro

    Gaming [help] Does "Hokuto no Ken: Seiki Matsukyu Seishi" eboot work on PSP?

    Has anyone ever been able to actually play this psx game on a PSP? As for me, after converting it from bin to eboot, I tried it on my PSP 3004 with the default version of POPS and it works as long as you follow the movies, but as soon as the real game starts it crashes, but you can still reset...
  6. Nikokaro

    Homebrew DESCENT for DS (DScent) texture issues on DSi (SD-slot)

    I recently tried this old dos FPS on DSi, from SD-slot and using TwilightMenu++. To my surprise I found that the game works, and even loads the various user levels. But there is some problem. First of all it can't find the midis.nds file, even if it is present, and crashes. But if you deactivate...
  7. Nikokaro

    Homebrew [help] Ands-pdf, an old PDF viewer foto DS/DSi

    Could someone provide me with a link to Ands-pdf, a PDF viewer for DS/DSi. Gamebrew(dot)org is not reachable from my country, so please provide me with a link to another website if you can. Has anyone ever used it? Does it have any limitations regarding the size of a book? Thank you.
  8. Nikokaro

    Translation [Release] Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki full english translation v.1.0.0

    I wanted to let all of you know, fans and non-fans of the famous Suikoden series, that the complete translation of Genso Suikoden: Woven Web of the Centuries has just been released, thanks to the constant and generous efforts of the Twister Phoenix G.T. group. To them a warm and heartfelt thanks...
  9. Nikokaro

    Question Do animated avatars (gifs) not work anymore?

    Excuse me for opening a thread for this small, insignificant problem. I hope no one will be upset. Would someone have the kindness to explain to me why it is no longer possible to have an animated avatar? By entering an image in .GIF format as a pfp, its animation does not appear on my profile...
  10. Nikokaro

    VNDS: visual novel Reader for DS

    Is anyone still using VNDS, the original DS version, not the Android one? I'm re-reading Fate Stay Night, then I'll move on to Kira Kira, Ever17, Sekien no Inganok, Saya no Uta. Have you ever heard of Animamundi Dark Alchemist: it's an old but beautiful horror VN, enriched with twists and bad...
  11. Nikokaro

    Another fake battery for DS Lite!!!

    Hi everyone.😁 A few days ago I received a battery for DS Lite purchased on eBay, which should have been original, as explicitly specified. Trying to insert it in the battery slot I realized that it did not fit, it was actually bigger than almost a millimeter. I had to remove the plastic...
  12. Nikokaro

    Gaming PSP 3000 connected via RCA to TV HDMI?

    I usually connect my PSP to my HDTV via RCA cable. The PSP games look great, but the PSX games are edgy, blocky and pixelated. Is it possible to connect a PSP 3000, via RCA/AV cable, to the HDMI input of the TV, using an adapter? Is there such an adapter (RCA to HDMI)? If so, what would it do...
  13. Nikokaro

    How to recover apparently unreadable files on DVD?

    About ten years ago I had copied several old anime series onto DVDs, but now I notice that some seem to be damaged in some areas. The discs have no externally visible damage. But when I copy some episodes to PC it starts spins in vain (I don't know if this is the right expression in english) for...
  14. Nikokaro

    Gaming How can I defeat Olban (ep.33 boss) in SRW A Portable?

    Since no one has answered me in the "Recent Questions" section I'm posting the same question here as well, hoping for better luck. Could someone suggest me a strategy to defeat Olban, the boss of ep.33 (Super Robot Wars A Portable)? I barely managed to defeat him the first time but, with great...
  15. Nikokaro

    Gaming How do I defeat ch.33 boss (Olban) in SRWA Portable?

    Could someone suggest me a strategy to defeat Olban, the boss of ep.33 (Super Robot Wars A Portable)? I barely managed to defeat him the first time but, with great surprise that soon became despair, another one appears, the real one, worse than the first. But the worst thing is that Richter, the...
  16. Nikokaro

    Gaming How to use AnimePlay isos on DS/DSi?

    Hi everyone. I would like to watch/play on DS or DSi the old, famous and compelling (Hirameki) AnimePlay DVDs (eg Phantom of Inferno, Dragonia, Exodus Guilty, etc.) that I believe can be considered freeware nowadays. Is there a DVD (iso format, certainly) player for DS, or do these have to be...
  17. Nikokaro

    What happened to our dear, friendly user?

    Can anyone tell me what happened to that poor guy who wanted to be banned, as a joke, to test what it feels like? Is it formally but not actually banned? Or has he really been? How come he hasn't been allowed to come back yet? Personally, I'm a little put out by this fact. This was a place that...
  18. Nikokaro

    What is Cloudflare and how can I speed it up?

    Would anyone be able to tell me what Cloudflare (DdoS protection) is and how it works precisely? I understand that it checks my browser, but what specifically? The history, cache, stored data? But above all: why in my case the control lasts more or less ten minutes, while for others a few...
  19. Nikokaro

    Gaming How to change the name of several roms at once (removing their prefix)?

    Hello everyone.:) I recently bought an ace3ds card, with a microSD included with 500+ nds roms (mostly puzzle games). I'm very satisfied with it; I've already deleted some games and installed others, which didn't work with my r4 gold pro. By the way, you'll notice that its GUI makes a very good...
  20. Nikokaro

    Problem when changing avatar

    I know a similar question has already been asked, but mine is a little different. Very often, when I change avatars, in some places on the page I am left with the old one, in others with the new one. But it also happens, and I don't think it's already been reported, that the image is broken...
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