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  1. jmrodrigues

    Gaming Castle Crashers

    Hi, has anyone been able to boot Castle Crashers on AMS 0.17.1 and 11.0.1? Other games work fine.
  2. jmrodrigues

    Hacking NEED Help

    Hello, i've been pulling my hair for hours, but no matter what, i can't get CFW to boot. Everything seems fine until booting with hekate, fusee, to CFW, the console always restarts to OFW. I'm on 6.2 OFW, cleaned up console to factory settings. I have a few questions: The jig can be removed...
  3. jmrodrigues

    Hacking FTP Directories

    Anyone knows what is the folder structure for the PS4? I would like to copy images, but can't find where they are located.
  4. jmrodrigues

    Hacking Linux on 5.01

  5. jmrodrigues

    Hacking How far from a USB Loader in fat32 system

    Hello, given the latest wiiu news, how far are hackers from creating a USB loader homebrew, with fat32 fs? Can the usb be accessed atm?
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