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    Hacking (SXOS) I know i'm screwed......

    So I took my switch to get fixed at a repair shop since I was unable to do it myself. Showed them everything worked(OFW) and I told them to please not update the firmware on the switch. When I get it back, it's 11.0.1. I've looked around and it seems I'm screwed, since there is no update as of...
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    Hardware Pokeball plus

    I am trying to receive the mew from the pokeball plus but I keep getting an 2124-4035. This isn't some new banned console code is it? I am on 6.1.0 sx os EDIT: NVM found out....looks like mew is stuck in there until I rip a copy of my legit game...I wanted to keep it sealed.
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    Gaming Xenoblade chronicles 2 not working....

    So I was using my legit cart and I installed the 1.5.2 and dlc via OS SX and now the game just freezes in the nintendo switch screen. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    Hacking Updating current firmware while in stealth mode?

    Is it possible? I want to update to 5.1.0 but I don't want to risk being banned. Using Sx os 1.6.
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    Hacking Don't know if this belongs here.....

    Something weird happened to my switch. Earlier today I turned on my switch from sleep mode while it was running SX OS and turned it off completely to run some physical media on my switch. Thing would not boot for anything. 3 hours of trying to boot the thing I decided to connect it to...
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    Hacking I need some answers...

    I started using PKSM bank, which I installed as a cia. I transfered some pokemon and I forgot to remove an item. It was an ability capsule. Is it common knowledge that pksm bank can transfer items? If I use this items will it screw my save? Is it safe to transfer items as long as they were...
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    Hacking any reason why?

    MMC won't work on nintendon't? I tried everything I could see. Still won't make a new memory card.
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    Emulation Wii MMC emulation confusion

    For some reason I can't seem to get it to work on nintendon't. No matter what setting I play with it will not let me use the MMC emulation feature. I searched online for answers with no real solution. Please I need help I wanna play ikaruga : ( my legit copy was crushed
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    Hacking Problem /w Loadiine

    About 75% of the time when I load up Loadiine on my WiiU, I get an error that says "Exception type DSI occurred!" I know when it is about to happen because none of the icon for the games on my sd load at all then a few seconds later it happens. If anyone knows how to fix it, mind helping me out?
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