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  1. pitoui

    Gaming GT5 Car Trading Thread

    So just got back online with my 3.50 PS3 console using the DNS Trick. I'm trying to do the Birthday Exploit as much as I can now before Sony decide to block PSN from 3.50 again. Just wondering if anyone wants to trade cars with me. I'm especially looking for proper racing cars along the lines...
  2. pitoui

    Hacking PS3 Jailbreak now ONLINE

    I know there is a thread on this already but I know a few of you missed it. If you install the new hex, your able to access PSN for online games, sync trophies, update rosters for sport titles, install game updates/patches and also access the PSN store. Downloads from the PS Store also works...
  3. pitoui

    Gaming Just bought a JTAGGED Xbox!

    Hey guys I am the proud owner of a Jtagged xbox. I have a few questions. Firstly, how do I convert my iso games into files that my external HDD can read? Secondly, how do I install XBLA, Avatar items and DLC onto my Xbox? I've only got a 20GB HDD on my xbox but I have a 500GB external USB...
  4. pitoui

    Hardware Wireless stereo heaset question

    Hey guys, I have a nice Sony Ericsson bluetooth headset that I use for online gaming my PS3. I'm just wondering if I can use these to stream music through to the headset rather than my stereo like on my phone?
  5. pitoui

    Gaming Anyone know an Xbox 360 modder in Sydney, Australia?

    Hey guys, I'm after someone that can flash the DVD drive in my Xbox 360 Arcade, in Sydney. If anyone knows someone, or can do it yourself, PM me and I'll get back to you. Sorry if this is against the rules, feel free to delete it if it is. EDIT- Found one Please close.
  6. pitoui

    Gaming Who else is psyched to play ModNation Racers PSP?

    I for one can't wait. I've already played the full PS3 version at an event held in Sydney last month but I really want to play the PSP version. I know it didn't get the best review score at IGN but I don't care. I mainly want it for PSP as I'm leaving for Thailand on Wednesday and I want...
  7. pitoui

    Gaming How to load up PSN games?

    I haven't grabbed any PSP games in a while but I recently downloaded the Jap version of GTI Club, it comes with many different files including many .BIN files. What happened to the good old .ISO files? Anyway, my question is how do I convert these files to the iso file I need to get the game...
  8. pitoui

    Gaming Where is Bookworm DS?

    Hey guys I have been waiting patiently for Bookworm DS to be dumped... until now. If anyone knows why it hasn't been dumped yet please let me know, and don't give me answers like "It'll be dumped when it's dumped" cos that's not nice. The shit thing is it's only being relesed in the US...
  9. pitoui

    PS1/2 Which Swap Magic should I buy? 3.6 or 3.8?

    Like the title says, I've recently received a PS2 Phat from my cousin. I'm looking at modding it for myself with the Free Mcboot hack. Is there a better version of the SM 3 to do this or will they both perform the same? Do I need a slide card? I can buy one from Cool PC and or...
  10. pitoui

    Misc GTA: CW Friend Codes

    Im one of the lucky one's who owns a Supercard DS 1, and I'm wondering how the multiplayer works over Wifi. So add me 2535 9350 7020 and then leave your details down.
  11. pitoui

    PS1/2 What ps2 games are compatiblw with 60GB pal ps3?

    So I just bought myself a 2nd hand 60GB Pal PS3 off ebay and I'm thinking about buying heaps of PS2 games for it although I'm not too sure if they will work. The Pal 60GB PS3 only has software emulation for PS2 games. Can anyone give me a list of all the compatible PS2 games? I'm thinking of...
  12. pitoui

    Gaming Connect to Xbox Live Via Laptop?

    Hi guys, I have an Xbox 360 and also a Linksys gaming bridge. I used the Linksys for a little while but it is way too unstable. Is there a way of connecting Xbox live to my Xbox 360 via my laptop that is connected via WiFi? I've tried and it doesn't connect at all, maybe there are some...
  13. pitoui

    Hacking New Aussie Wii- No Black Glue

    So I purchased a new wii today from Target (great deal). Come home to chip it with a Wiikey 2 and when I opened it I got a shock. No black epoxy on the drive chip at all. Nice and clean. Have Nintendo realised how stupid it was to put eopxy in the Wii or have I just gotten lucky? Anyone else...
  14. pitoui

    Hacking Black epoxy on new Wiis

    Hi guys my mate brought me his wii to chip and once I opened it up I realised that it had the black epoxy all over it. I know I can get rid of it with a heatgun/hairdryer, but can I still install a solderless wiiclip on it?
  15. pitoui

    Gaming Pandora broken?

    I've had my pandora battery for a little less than a year now. When I tried to use it today, it wouldn't work. I just assumed it had a dead battery. So I started charging it. About 10mins later I checked on it and the orange light was off on the PSP. I assumed it charged so I tried it again...
  16. pitoui

    Gaming What are the chances of getting an unflashable PSP SLIM?

    Hey guys, if I buy a new PSP Slim 2000 model from EB games in Aus, what are the chances of it being an unflashable one I think its the Ta088v3 version? EDIT: Scrap that, apparently EB don't sell the PSP 2000 models anymore unless they are preowned.. which is shit.
  17. pitoui

    Swift and Shift

    Did anyone else see Swift and Shift on SBS after Aussie Top Gear on SBS? It's my new favourite show. F'n hilarious!! As for all you Non aussies, it should be on torrents soon, it was only aired about 5mins ago
  18. pitoui

    Gaming Tetris Party (pal) problem

    Like the title says, Im having a problem installing Tetris Party (pal) on my pal wii. Im getting an error. Anyone know why? I installed Homebrew Channel Beta 9 and realised that some of my apps weren't working, so I reinstalled beta 8. Could that be the problem or is it just a shitty wad file...
  19. pitoui

    PS1/2 Softmod for PS3 yet?

    Hey guys, I just saw a bloke I know and he told me that a PS3 softmod is available. I've done a bit of research and I can't find anything. Is he talking crap?
  20. pitoui

    Gaming Fifa 09

    Hey guys I just "obtained" Fifa 09 for the Xbox 360 and am hoping that it will awesome. But I want to know if you guys think that the Wii version will have a chance against PES 09 on the Wii. PES 08 was amazing, it is one of my favourite soocer/footy games ever. Do you think that Fifa 09 on...
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