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  1. J

    Nintendo appears to have mistakenly used a fan-made render of Mario on the Super Nintendo World site

    given how nintendo treats community projects id say its only fair for them to recive the painfull end of the stick for once.
  2. J

    Hardware The Switch Lite is inferior to the New 2ds XL in just about every way

    I sadly have to agree 100%. i have a switch lite and i hate it since screen gives me headaches while my 3ds is great. if theres ever a screen modding service to swap displays ill be all over it
  3. J

    ROM Hack Is there a way to give out free 3DS games to unhacked consoles using System Transfer?

    absolutely no reason why not. go develop it and make it a reality
  4. J

    Homebrew Is there an updated comprehensive guide on how to play DS games on 3ds with an SD card?

    Save states are basically not possible unless your emulating a console as it's essentially saving entire contents of ram.
  5. J

    Hacking Anyone used

    Was looking to preorder the new sx lite thing but from there trusted sellers list i recognized literally 0 of the sites.... Has anyone successfully ordered from or can recommend any site that has preorders for sxlite and will ship to canada?
  6. J

    My account is 11 years old, why come I’m still a noobcomer?

    Tbh your rank doesnt much matter. my accounts 10y old and im still a newcomer as well xD
  7. J

    ROM Hack The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Episode 1+2 English Patch Released

    Glad to see you guys working on translating such an awesome series :D. sadly probably going to wait like last time for the full 5(?) episodes to be finished. I tend to burn through these games in a few sittings xD
  8. J

    PSA: Brickers Abound

    Let be honest it's probably Nintendo uploading this crap, or paying someone to. No one profits in random bricks except them by scaring others
  9. J

    Hardware i built a new pc and my sisters old gpu has some minor issues

    Change fan curve if your worried. Tbh though on the 390 that temp is actually pretty normal. Wouldn't worry unless if actually starts throttling performance
  10. J

    GBAtemp Exclusive Embrace the future of GAMING with SDATEMP! (April Fools)

    If your going to make an April fools website joke at least buy the domain first....literally anyone could've bought it and made it redirect to anything... Was tempted to at 20$.....
  11. J

    US legislation requires new games' communication aspects to be accessible to those with disabilities

    Im pretty sure this law is a good thing. Fairly certain it mandates that it makes switch communication illegal going forward as the mike to phone to switch bullcrap is 100% not compliant
  12. J

    Some Dutch guy wants to legally change of age

    honestly basically exact same thing as the trans argument. it stopped being about what you are physically to what you are emotionally. the fact that the government let emotions factor into laws is the issue and its why this old man cannot be dismissed as a joke without dismissing the "feelings"...
  13. J

    Huawei says their new phone is a better portable gaming machine than the Nintendo Switch

    I find it funny reading this thread with all the people praising the switch while forgetting its guts are just a converted Nvidia shield tablet. Phones hands down more powerful than the switch in every way, the switch is just recycled tablet parts.
  14. J

    Gaming I have a very old laptop, is there something useful to do with it?

    Id say toss it. 300mhz is going to be painful for doing anything. Maybe if your really desperate todo something you could use it as a secondary monitor for a decent computer
  15. J

    Hardware 4gb ram in a wii probs

    the answer is sure why the fuck not. there both computers essentially. First step 1 begin the highly technical step of raising your wii's system temp to ~800 celcius so that you can safely remove the old ram chip. I generally reccomend a sledgehammer for maximum precision. Once completed consult...
  16. J

    EA to host 'Jacksonville Tribute' live stream to raise funds for shooting victims families

    dw only 30% of all donations support XD the other 65% straight to ea's marketing department :D
  17. J

    Hacking Adding coin batteries to pro sx dongle?

    Capacitors are not a power source.... Completely different function. This would not work under any circumstance
  18. J

    Hardware PC strong enough to emulate Wii/GC/PS2 yet using low watts?

    just get a ryzen 2400g, low power and not terrible built in gpu with 65w total tdp. can get away with running a 400w psu and build the entire system for under 550-600$ cad
  19. J

    AVG tries to quarantine μTorrent

    Utorrent has been shit for years... Take a hint from everyone in this thread and switch. Also from the sounds of it you edited the utorrent files. Maybe avg recognized you changed something from the norm
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