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    Homebrew SNES9XGX Multiplayer Problems

    Hello fellow tempers, once again I'm here for some help and advice. I recently did a fresh set up of the Wiiflow Masterpiece Pack and almost everything is working as it should. Only one thing is really bothering me, and that is not being able to play multiplayer games with the included SNES9XGX...
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    Hacking CMD GameChannels Creator

    So, yesterday in the sharpii thread I sparked some interest for a project I wrote and used myself quiet a while. I'm speaking of a batch file I wrote, which with the help of wiimms amazing iso tools, sharpii, GSAR (generell search and replace tool) and a base of a game channel previously build...
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    Hacking 3D model from forest temple from Zelda Twilight Princess?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, but since I want to extract a file from a wii game, I thought this was the best place to ask. A friend of mine wants to build the forest temple from Zelda Twilight Princess in Minecraft. Since he wants to build it as true to the real thing as possible, he...
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    well yeah, I've been reading in this forum for ages now, and all the tutorials/guides and also other usefull posts by several users helped me a lot when I had problems with modding my wii. There seem to be many nice people here, so I thought I would join finally instead of being a silent reader
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    Hacking Rock Band 2 on USB Launcher

    Well, I have a problem over here. I want to play my US import of rock band 2 on my pal wii with the usb loader (waninkokos official version 1.5 and the unofficial cios rev11) but it just gives me a black screen. Also it takes longer to boot this game than other games with the usb loader (all...
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