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    Homebrew Black screen when running Homebrew Launcher Channel

    When I try to launch the Homebrew Launcher Channel from the Wii U Menu, I get a black screen after the Homebrew Launcher splash screen. I then have to hold the power button until the Wii U turns off. My Wii U is on 5.5.1U and I followed Plailect's guide. This happened the first time I tried...
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    Just got a modded Xbox

    Today I got an original Xbox at a garage sale for $20. It has some sort of mod chip installed. I also got an original duke controller with it, as well as a modded type s controller. I'm not sure what mod chip is it. On the front of the console, there is a small blue box with 4 small white...
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    Hacking Updating to 11.3 without A9LH

    I have a 2DS with a 9.0.0-20U Sysnand and a 11.2.0-35U Emunand. I am using Luma3DS CFW. I do NOT have A9LH installed, nor do I plan to install it. I read that it's impossible to update to 11.3 if you don't have A9LH. I have also read that 11.3 works fine if you use the latest Luma3DS. My...
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    Gaming Do you think the Nintendo Selects version of oot3d will patch oot3dhax?

    Do you think the Nintendo Selects version of Ocarina of Time 3D will come prepatched against oot3dhax? Update: The Nintendo Selects version of Ocarina of Time 3D does NOT patch oot3dhax.
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    Hacking Hacking my new 2DS

    I got a 2DS for Christmas. It came with firmware 6.0.0-12U. I have not updated it, I haven't even attempted to connect it to the internet. What are my options for hacking it? I don't own Cubic Ninja or Ocarina of Time 3D. I have the old version of Ironfall on my sisters' 3DSes (currently...
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    ROM Hack Developing for the e-Reader using devkitPro/devkitARM

    I am intersted in developing for the Nintendo e-Reader. As far as I can tell, it is possible to do this with devkitPro/devkitARM. I have a little bit of experience using devkitARM. I just don't know how to compile things for the e-Reader. There is very little information about e-Reader...
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    Homebrew Wii U transfer from softmodded Wii

    First off, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I will be getting a Wii U for Christmas (the Skylanders SWAP Force Bundle if you are wondering). My original Wii is softmodded and has been for many years. I initially softmodded it with the twilight hack, and it has been...
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