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  1. aj_hix36

    Hacking Missing PSP/PS1 Games

    Hi, I am having an issue, just migrated to SD2VITA, I had 4 Vita Memory Cards, I copied via USB one by one as backup, and then merged all onto the MicroSD. Everything works except I had to use Refresh Livearea to show the new games up, but PSP and PS1 games did not show up. I have Enso on now...
  2. aj_hix36

    Hacking How to beat 300 game limit?

    Hello, I have A9LH and Luma3ds with sysnand 11.1. I have reached the 300 title limit (I have a lot of VC). What are my options to go beyond this limit?
  3. aj_hix36

    Hacking DSiWare (Out of Room and Out of Region)

    Hi, I have a N3DS XL Aus 9.0, and I'm trying to be able to run DSiWare on Aureinand 10.6 emunand. I've already updated my TWL_Firm, and I can get games to run on sysnand and emunand.. But, I can't get any USA region games to show up on my menu! Even after using NTR for region free, they do not...
  4. aj_hix36

    Hacking Been out of the Scene Since October (Looking for Recommendations)

    Hello, Haven't been around since October, I'm using a N3DS Aus 9.2 sysNand, 9.5 or 9.6 emunand, with RxTools, and menuhax to autoboot into it and also NTR CFW 3.0. I also have a Gateway 3DS. I'm interested in playing all the newest games, and it looks like 10.6 emunand is now the new support...
  5. aj_hix36

    Hacking Best way to convert my .3ds to .cia with only Gateway? (N3DS 9.0, Emunand 9.5)

    Hi, I have a New 3DS Australian version, I am running Sysnand 9.0, and Emunand 9.5, the only hacks I have installed are Gateway Ultra 3.4, and MSET hack to boot Gateway via DS Profile. I have been using .3ds for a while, but now I'd like to convert to .cia to future proof, and make it easy to...
  6. aj_hix36

    Hacking Stop Update Messages?

    Good evening, I am using a NEW 3DS XL with a Gateway, my SYS is 9.0, and my emunand is 9.5. Anytime I boot into emunand I get the "Ready to start system update. Update now?" message. Anyway I can delete the update or make it so messages don't appear? Thank you for your time and assistance in...
  7. aj_hix36

    Hacking Can I Convert Card 1 to Card 2, and still trim? Or just convert to cia

    Hello, Using the New 3DS with Gateway. I have my entire collection in .3ds and .3dz format currently, I was wanting to get around having to hit home and close game to get my saves to stick. I see there is a tool to convert card 1 games to card 2. But does this mean I have to leave everything...
  8. aj_hix36

    Hacking How Do I Play Patapon 3 on CFW 6.20 PRO-B6?

    Hello everyone, Just got into PSP hacking today. I have PSP3000 g4, and it was on OFW 6.39. I downgraded the firmware to 6.20, and installed CFW 6.20 PRO-B6, and then patched it to be permanent. So far so good. So I try playing some Patapon 3, and it tells me I need to update to 6.31 or...
  9. aj_hix36

    GBA ExpLoader v0.58

    Rudolph has just released a new version of the popular GBA ExpLoader.
  10. aj_hix36

    Hacking My Wii Stopped Playing Gamecube Games

    Hello everyone. Today I discovered that my Wii has decided to not be so friendly to my Gamecube games. The Wii recognizes from the menu that it is a gamecube game, but when I try to play it, the television screen goes off like when the Wii is off or the video cable is disconnected. The audio...
  11. aj_hix36

    Hacking Best place to buy R4?

    Hi, I know we have a lot of topics on this, but it didn't look like any had been updated recently, and the landscape seems to change daily. I'm trying to get my sister an R4 for real cheap, I had gotten mine from dealextreme, but they have gone up in price since! So, could anyone please help me...
  12. aj_hix36

    Hacking Whoo hoo! Virgin Board!

    Let's break her in some
  13. aj_hix36

    Hacking What are some of the best DS Lite accessories?

    Hi, I was wondering what you guys thought were some really good and high quality DS Lite accessories. I just received today a nice black Hori Compact Pouch for my DS Lite, and I had previously purchased the hard case accessories kit from Gamestop which was pretty nice for only 20 dollars...
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