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    Homebrew Can I update my 3DS?

    I have homebrew launcher and FBI and stuff on my 3ds, version: 11.10.0-43U Whenever I turn on my 3ds I get a system update notification, I'm not sure if it matters if I go ahead and update my system so the notification goes away. I don't remember how I modded my 3DS, but all my games on there...
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    Hacking Question Is it possible, and how can I, to play NSP version of Mario Kart on my hacked switch w/ local play?

    I have a switch, that is hacked. I have Mario kart 8 nsp on there. My friend has a regular switch not hacked as she likes to go online and play platoon and whatnot. Is it possible to play Mario kart with her on local wireless play? My switch is banned from online connections by Nintendo. And...
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    Hacking How to transfer games

    I have SX OS, what would be the quickest and the easiest way for me to transfer games from my laptop to my switch without having to boot it? I have FTP is an option but it is so slow, any other way?
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    Hacking Question FW 9.1.0 SX 2.9.3 ERROR CODE: 2168-0002

    Does anyone have any idea what or why this is being caused? Any and all help helps
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    ROM Hack Question How big is the Splatoon 2 hacking community?

    What I mean is, I believe with a hacked banned switch you can play Splatoon 2 online with other hackers? What I’m wondering is, how do I get started, as well as, how long are the load times for matches? has any hacker been able to implement an AI computer in place of an online player?
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    Hacking NSP is not being recognized

    For some reason the NSP for assassins creed rebel collection isn't being verified on my switch. I tried using SX OS, then SX OS installer, then even GOLDLEAF. No result. Any idea? ON a seperate note, when I tried to do direct NSP install connected with a PC, on goldleaf it said the switch...
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    Homebrew Wii games are able to run on iOS (iPhone), theres no reason it can't come to the switch

    As the title says, wii games now can run at like 95 percent full speed on ios devices like iPhone. If it can run on the iphone, theres no reason it shouldn't be able to run on the switch through an emulator. What do you all think?
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    Hacking Assassin's creed 3 + update + all DLC, not working

    I got a mega XCI from a french website, however upon starting the game, and loading past the menu, the game always crashes. I'm running this game through SX OS from a hard drive. What could be the problem?
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    Homebrew Discussion Why isn't anyone working on bringing Wii games to the Switch?

    Before I sound entitled, The NVIDIA shield in China has the same chipset as the Switch, yet Nintendo has built an emulator that can play Wii games and upscale it to 1080p. It exists out there, so why isn't anyone working on bringing that emulation to the Switch?
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    Hacking Wii U crashes EVERY single time I try to install HAXCHI

    Not sure what to do. I tried to hack the Wii u, but I think I messed up cause instead of installing HAXCHI on Brain age, I ended up installing the Homebrew Launcher. All I"m trying to do is Inject Wii Games using TeconMoon, and so I go to the WUP installer, and I get the error SigPatches...
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    Hacking Injecting Wii games on Wii U using TeconMoon, question about wii remote

    I'm starting off by injecting Donkey Kong country returns. It does not support classic controller. only wii remotes. Therefore in the gamepad options, I selected the horizontal wii remote emulation. Will that work? to play the game with the gamepad? And also, will the game be locked only to the...
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    Hacking Can a partitioned hard drive work for backed up games

    I am looking to purchase a 3TB hard drive, and was wondering would a partition work on the hard drive? Its only $10 extra from the 2TB hard drive, and with the extra 1TB I could possible store photos or even switch nsps on there. Advice?
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    Hacking Are backups possible yet?

    Are backups possible yet? My disc for Forza Horizon 2 just stopped working, I suspect most likely cause of too many scratches on it, and Microsoft has it de-listed from their store, which means now there is effectively no way for me to play this game unless I buy someone else's copy. Can someone...
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    Homebrew How do you play Wii and Gamecube backups using just the gamepad?

    Any youtube tutorials? I can't seem to find any... I got my wii u at launch, and I'm finally going to go ahead and hack it for good. EDIT: Also, is it possible to make channels for Wii and gamecube games and access them all on the Wii U menu instead of going into the vWii?
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    Hacking Setting up a bounty for backup loading?

    Hey is there a current bounty set on backup loading? If not how do I get started? I'd like to set up $50 from my end, perhaps others might also contribute? I know just by myself isn't anything, but if in the future someone does crack it I guess free money for them?
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    Hacking Backup FAT23 install folder

    Just a few questions I'm following a tutorial where I load two homebrew files in the root of my sd card, called wii u, inside it they have something called wup and homebrew apps. Then I add a folder on the root again of the games I want backed up, and rename the folder to install. But if I...
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    Hacking Can you run games from SD CARD?

    Can you? I don't have a hard drive, but a 64 GB micro sd card that I was wondering if I could download wii u games, put them on there, and then run it? Unless someone wants to donate me their used old hard drive
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    Hacking Progress on running game dumps

    Just checking in this month to see if there’s any significant update or progress or signs towards running backups. Happy hacking!
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    Hacking Anyway to "Install ALL" in the FBI CIA folder?

    So many backups, I just wish the system could install everything at a click of a button and then delete those files. Is it possible?
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    Hacking Copying data from old SD CARD to new SD CARD not working

    My old sd card has all my homebrew apps on it, and games. Now I got a new one, and it is recognizable by the 3ds, however if I simply copy and paste the files onto the root of the new sd card to make it look exactly the same as the old sd card, doesn't do anything. None of the apps or games...
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