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    Nintendo says it currently has no plans to release any other Switch revisions beyond the OLED model

    This is basically confirmation of a new Switch model. Nintendo has been using the same formula of "no plans for X at this time" since the Nintendo DS Lite rumors, as far as I can remember, probably even before then. And then they release "X" within a year and a half. We see that they have been...
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    Rumor Bloomberg reports tech details of 4K Nintendo Switch model, release window and pricing

    Switch Pro could be a possible name, since we already have the Switch Pro Controller. Or maybe Switch Plus or something like that for the larger screen
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    Which skills do you aim to improve?

    Oh, so not everybody is like that? I might have to reconsider MY social skills
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    Hacking Wii mini unbrick

    So.. after a lot of hard work to soft mod of the Wii mini, reinstalling the system menu, getting a lan adapter to update all its Homebrew, I managed to brick it while accidentally installing a bunch of wad from my USB hard drive, including ios57-59 from nus. The result is that the Wii Mini...
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    Gaming Any way of transfering saves from banned to Lite switch?

    As per title, I'm interested in buying a new switch lite to play my cartridges in online mode, can I attempt to transfer my user saves to the new switch via my account or in some other way?
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    Nintendo shows off “a new experience” by debuting a new accessory for the Switch

    The video is just offensive for italians. Other than that... I'll buy it.
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    Hardware Switch lite yay or nay?

    I'll get my Game Boy 4 day one Edit: I just can't choose which color I want
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    ROM Hack RELEASE New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe CHEAT file

    could it be used to play as toadette without turning into peachette? I would be happy to play with a Super Acorn coming out of the '?' blocks, instead of the Super Crown
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    Homebrew RELEASE In-Home-Switching: Stream your favorite PC-Games to your Nintendo Switch love using it with citra
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    Homebrew RELEASE In-Home-Switching: Stream your favorite PC-Games to your Nintendo Switch

    Yeeesss!! This is brilliant! Thank you so much! Good luck with the development
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    What's your general opinion of Christianity?

    Great thread lol Actually, I think that christianity is such a weird phenomenon, I feel like it actually gets people further away from finding meaning in life or trying to answer the though questions. In some countries, cristianity is just a social, family tradition more than something that is...
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    Hacking So about getting banned...

    Thank you for the thorough answer. I'm gonna have to try and stay in air plane mode until a better solution is available.
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    Hacking So about getting banned...

    Could connecting through a VPN help in any way? I need to use a VPN to get better NAT for online play with my legit carts, and kept the system in airplane mode while on switchblade cfw. No ban so far
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    Homebrew RELEASE - turn your Switch into a RetroArch powered retrogaming console - includes PSX, N64 and PSP

    This is absolutely brilliant! Congratulations! Does anybody else think it would be great to use Lakka as a client for game streaming? I am dying to use the switch as a sort of nvidia shield
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    Homebrew COMPLETED ScummVM

    Any news on direct touch support?
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    Gaming Post your Switch Friend Codes!

    My code: 5978-3981-9378 Always up for a good mario kart 8 race, would appreciate any add! :)
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    Hacking Coldboot Haxchi with different user OR savedata transfer

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I successfully installed coldboot haxchi on my WiiU to save me the trouble to launch mocha cfw everytime I played it. Now, the WiiU autoboots on the first account/user that is present in the WiiU, but I usually play on another one, since the console is...
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    Hacking [Guide] Install a9lh without buying anything in 11.2

    Thank you very much. I did that and successfuly installed it, but still.. the H&S Information app loads when I open it. Is there another way to load FBI so that I can install the HBL? Could it be because I have GWEmuNand installed? Thanks again for taking the time to help us, it's really...
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