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  1. tenkai

    Tales of phantasia ps1 help!

    Here is my dilemma: I started using the Phantasian Productions patch for the beginning of the game and decided to switch to Absolute Zero's patch after some time. I transferred the save from Phantasian Productions to Absolute Zero and this caused some minor problems with names being all...
  2. tenkai

    Homebrew My 3ds firmware is 11.0.0, is it too late for me to be able to mod?

    I really wanted to mod smash bros 3ds. is it possible at this point? would i even be able to do it if i had the physical smash cart?
  3. tenkai

    Hardware psp malfunction!?

    for some reason my psp starts malfunctioning when im playing persona 2 psp! i havent played my psp in a while till now but the home screen keeps interupting the game and making the game have truble countiuing. just now while i was playing it nearly froze the game in battle! any help would be...
  4. tenkai

    will a dusty genesis game still work?

    its been in my basement for a VERY long time and unfortunately its covered in dust. im just wondering if i clean it up will it work or is it a waste of time? btw the game is mortal kombat 2 ( oh the memories! :P )
  5. tenkai

    Chao plush! :P this was a patern i got from deviant art. hope you guys like it :D
  6. tenkai

    Jack frost plush He ho! what do you guys think about it? hand sown and second time making a plush. it was hard to make! never again will i be able to do this lol it was sheer luck that it came out good!
  7. tenkai

    Seiken Densetsu 3 /secret of mana 2

    i really enjoy the game but theres one problem the combat. its slow moving meaning i cant dodge any enemy attacks and often find myself praying to live.( im the cleric class). what i really wish is for someone to make a hack where you can run durring combat. anyone willing to help me? thanks
  8. tenkai

    best place to sell used games?

    i went to a couple of stores but they sell it for $1-4 per game is there anywhere where you can get 10 dollars? thanks to all that can help and happy holidays
  9. tenkai

    phantasy star online 2!!!

    its official theirs going to be a phantasy star 2 for the pc and hopefully other consoles as well check this out: cant wait
  10. tenkai

    Gaming persona 3 question

    how does the other characters personas change into a new persona? EXAMPLE: Yukari Takeba: io turn into isis
  11. tenkai

    Hardware 3ds colors.....

    from what i saw from the colors look shiny and the top part is black and im hoping this doesn't go for all colors i dont know if its just the pic but it sure looks like that i wishing for an all red one anyway what color are you looking...
  12. tenkai

    Gaming best social links......P3P

    what are the best social links to max for the female MC?
  13. tenkai

    how do you make a profit off of amazon?

    i was trying to sell hellsing(manga) vol 2,3 and they sell only for $1 or less, ughhhh the original price of the manga was $13! you cant buy anything for a dollar . Plus who are these people selling it for so low like .50 i mean come on if you want to get rid of a book for such a low price give...
  14. tenkai

    Gaming in kirby superstar ultra......

    is there a fighting game where you could vs the other player(2nd player). like 1p vs 2p and you choose your ability.
  15. tenkai

    Gaming am i doing something wrong in tales of vespiria

    why dont the characters dont listen to strategy commands in tales of vespria? yuri says leave it to me but they keep on fighting and doing magic
  16. tenkai

    Gaming Tales of phantasia problem..

    I got the English patch attached to the game(I got the english patch on problem is everytime i use too much magic the game freezes and I tried everything but nothing seems too work. I also lowered the compression level to 1-4 like they said on...
  17. tenkai

    what was the first game you played that the main.............

    character talked?
  18. tenkai

    Gaming dragon quest 9 unlocking classes......

    how do you unlock the next list of secret classes? i know how to get the magic knight- from what i read on gamefaqs you have to kill a metal slime while having barrier but i have not tried this.
  19. tenkai

    Gaming whats a great psp game thats not final fantasy?

    im looking for a rpg game mostly but if you know any others tell me.....btw played hexyz force and hated it.
  20. tenkai

    Gaming how do you play multiplayer in Sekaiju no Meikyuu 3?

    i dont know japanese and i want to know wheres the option for multiplayer in this game or do you have to unlock it?
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