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    Hacking Croixleur Sigma and CFW.

    does Croixleur Sigma not work at all with CFW or is it just not working with the latest game update. i read that it's a sysmodules issue but didn't find any other info. are there any other games not working on CFW because of the same issue or is this the only one so far?
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    Gaming are nsp game dumps locked like some other consoles digital games?

    finally going to try out some games for my hacked switch but i'm not having any luck finding info about this. i have downloaded some scene release nsp dumps and also some nsp games from the alvro cdn backup collection. i was wondering if any nsp games found online are not unlocked or are they...
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    Gaming Mothergunship Physical and DLC

    i purchased the physical version of mothergunship and the cover states it has extra campaign and gun parts included. the problem is i kind find any info about the extra campaign. is the extra campaign the secret mission dlc which is available from the store? i did not get a download code...
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    GCN How to flash Viper chip with cobra 2.1 bios and plugin?

    i would like to flash my original non extreme viper modchip to 2.1 with a plugin and be able to use the plugin to launch swiss from sd card so i wont need to use dvd to launch swiss. i have some questions if anyone would be kind enough to help. 1. i know that the flash space in the original...
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    Homebrew Where to place samples folder for Retroarch Mame2003?

    i was wondering where do i place the samples folder for retroarch mame 2003? samples for games like donkey kong etc. i've done some searching and can't seem to find the info i'm looking for. any help would be great guys.
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    Hacking pstv wont update to 3.65 or 3.60 using dns

    i've been trying for a while to get my pstv to update using and it wont work i then figured, ok so i will just go for the 3.60 update and use henkaku for 3.60 instead. i used the dns to try and update but the pstv just says can't connect to internet. does anyone know...
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    Hacking some henkaku for pstv questions

    i have a pstv with 3.20 firmware and tn-v exploit and have not messed with it in ages i would like to improve the setup and start using henkaku after watching some impressive videos on youtube. the problem is i have been researching a lot online how to do this and ended up at the trusty vita...
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    Hacking can i use an external hard drive caddy to power my usb pro v2?

    can i use a spare sata external hard drive caddy to power my usb pro v2? the caddy uses 12v power which is what is needed and althrough the usb pro don't fit driectly into the caddy sata connector i have a sata power extender like this...
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    Hacking XKEY - what is a good value setting for HDKEEPALIVE config?

    i think the xkey.cfg file i have been using is an old one. it didn't have the HDKEEPALIVE option listed at all. i have been having a few random console restart issues and figured maybe my hdd going to sleep was the cause of my problems. i've done some research and found out about this option and...
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    Hacking pushmo world on pal wiiu?

    i'm having trouble getting this game to work on a pal wiiu. it freezes at the splash screen. i've tried reinstalling and tried running spiik to brute force wiiu to run usa titles on pal wiiu but no luck. i'm using haxchi and everything else has worked so far, other regions or not. i know the...
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    Homebrew Retroarch and best MAME version.

    hi guys. i was thinking of setting retroarch up on my cfw wiiu but there are a few versions of the mame core available. which version is recomended? 2000, 2003, 2010 and so on. i'm thinking 2003 may be the best way to go but i figured some guys here might have tried all versions and recomend...
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    Gaming tik2sd, title keys and uploading to the title site

    i've been saying to friends for a while that when i get around to hacking my wii-u i will dump the title keys and upload to the keys site beacuse i have a number of games not available there yet. so i hacked my wii-u and dumped the tik and title keys with tik2sd but how do i upload to the title...
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    Hacking about to hack my wii-u and i have a few questions

    first off, sorry if any of these questions have been asked before but i have been searching the forum and can't find any answers so i decided it's best to ask. i'm on 5.5.2 and i'm going to buy a DS VC game and install Haxchi but not cold boot because it sounds a little more risky. 1. the hack...
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    Gaming missing/undumped usa wii u eshop games

    i'm looking to get the missing wii u ehsop titles tik files and get them added to the titlekeys place for so they can be downloaded and preserved before they get removed and are gone for good. the problem is i don't have a usa wii u to purchase and dump the tik files myself and i'm having...
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    Gaming Charisou DX 2 dlc not working

    i've downloaded the game, update and dlc from wiiusbhelper and installed all cia files using fbi. the update shows up as v1.2 so i gather the update installed fine but the dlc is not working. when i select special stage the screen flashes and then stays on the main menu. this game is the japan...
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    Hacking making eshop work on region changed old3ds?

    i recently region changed my spare o3ds from eur to usa following the 3dsguide tutorial, everything went fine but i get an error when i try to access the eshop because it seems the o3ds had accessed the eshop previously from a different region. i checked out his tutorial...
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    Hacking region change o3ds from eur to usa

    i have an old 3ds lying around and i would like to region change it from eur to usa due to the fact that a usa region dsiware game will not work on eur consoles. if i instal luma3ds and update to latest 3ds firmware 11.6 can i then change region to usa using the 11.5.0 CTRTransfer...
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    Hacking anyone got Oregon Trail Dsiware working on europe 3ds?

    has anyone got oregon trail (U) dsiware working on a europe 3ds? all other cia usa dsiware games i have tried work fine but not oregon trail. it boots, then white screen for a few seconds, then stuck at black screen but i can press home to exit to menu. i was told the game works on usa 3ds...
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    Hacking Latest Luma3ds and game title update errors

    so far i'm enjoying my n3dsxl with luma3ds installed but i'm having an issue with game title updates. some games i have tried which prompt my 3ds to say there is an update available are giving me errors. the update downloads and then i get the error message and the 3ds asks if i would like to...
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    Hacking converting out of region eshop 3ds games to cia issue

    i've been using godmode9 to convert scene release ehsop games from 3ds format to cia format, the process seems simple enough and every game i converted with the same region as my 3ds works fine but so far no out of region cia conversion work. i just get a black screed with an error message when...
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