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  1. IsaOfTheWorlds

    The Best of 35 Years - Mario's Greatest Genre Adventures

    Two days ago on September 14th, the plumbing paragon of platforming Super Mario himself celebrated his 35th birthday. Leading up to the festivities, Nintendo shadow-dropped a "Direct" stream focusing exclusively on upcoming Mario games. In the Direct, Nintendo unveiled a port of Super Mario 3D...
  2. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Gaming Nexomon: Extinction

    Back in 2017, the original Nexomon title released to iOS and Android devices. It was met with fairly positive reception, with many calling it a successful, if not somewhat simple, mobile alternative to the monster-gaming giant, Pokemon. October 2019, however, saw a trailer for a PC/console...
  3. IsaOfTheWorlds

    My Issue With Boundless Movement in Tactical RPGs using Bad MS Paint Diagrams

    This is the first in an experimental series of rant posts where I use bad MS Paint diagrams to illustrate my point! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever...
  4. IsaOfTheWorlds

    Belated Introduction - 'Allo, 'allo!

    'Allo, 'allo, GBATemp! I've been floating around for a hot minute but realized I have never made a formal introduction. I'm IsaOfTheWorlds, and I joined the site to wish fan-translators good luck and then I just sorta hung about after that. My greatest passion is Golden Age-styled mystery...
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