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    Hacking Anyone recently buy an acekard?

    Just bought 3 from pr1ce angels, all come updated to 1.41 and are genuine. fyi, "pr1ce angels" are same site as the old faithful "deal extreme" (had to replace the "i" in pr1ceangels with a 1, otherwise it posts as "shoptemp")
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    DS #XXXX: Again *CRACKED* (USA)

    Cool, once again i'm gonna download again again and test again again. If it works properly this time i'll play again again and again coz its great
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    Hacking How to pronounce "AKAIO"?

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    Hacking A questionnaire to Acekard users!

    1.Which version of the AceKard do you have? 2i before i ate it 2.For how long have you had it? 1 month before i ate it 3.Ever had hardware issues with it? not up until i ate it 4.Which skin do you use? original before i ate it 5.Whats the size of your microSD? 2gb before i ate it 6.Whats...
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    Hacking Clone Acekard2 from

    This is the link I bought mine from, it works great and they're still on the site.
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    Hacking Clone Acekard2 from

    I recieved my acekard2i from price angels today and it works fine with AKAIO 1.6. I had to flash the cart to work with my DSi 1.4 firmware, but after that it works perfectly.
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    Hacking CycloDS Evolution firmware v1.58 BETA 1

    Link below
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