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  1. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'I want to be a NEET'

    Dam son. I just read "Schlüsselwort: ZIEL" whilst flying over your post and was heavily confused. Then I read the rest. That was some pretty elaborate German.
  2. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'I want to be a NEET'

    Welp, I've been employed for the first time in my life for two months now, after slacking off for I don't know how many years. At first it's fun and all, but sooner than later you're going to regret your decision. Not because you've dumped countless hours into games and animu (latter of which is...
  3. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'Giving away 10 humble bundles!'

    Seriously? Wow, thank you, I think a friend of mine will be VERY happy now. ;_;
  4. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'Giving away 10 humble bundles!'

    Yeah, I'm sorry, I was just like "omg omg free HIB, I'll better be fast now." and didn't even read your whole post. So I'm like seriously very sorry for the inconvenience ._.
  5. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'Giving away 10 humble bundles!'

    Whatever, too late. ._.
  6. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'lol club nintendo'

    You've entered the Club Nintendo PIN#, haven't you? You should instead link your 3DS over the eShop multiple times with your Club Nintendo account. Can't try it myself because I fear that I'll lose my downloaded games :/
  7. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'I just won a frickin' laptop.'

    So, do you people in the US don't have prices like those? Oo I could swear I've seen thousands (yeah, thousands, sure) of raffles and competitions where you could win iPad's, iPhones, full-fledged desktop pc's and such sick stuff oO Yeah, haha :D Nah, I dunno. It just doesn't feel right yet...
  8. darkangel5000

    I just won a frickin' laptop.

    Nothing of any interest coming up after this line... It all began about 4 weeks ago... We've got a website here in Germany, called "Monsterdealz", where the admin posts deals and bargains and stuff all the time onto his blog. But, whatever. His site had it's 2nd birthday on april 30th, so he...
  9. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'WARNING: Sony fanboy spotted'

    I think you don't get what people mean by saying 'good graphics don't make it a good game'. It's because Sony-Fanboys are all in for some 'Whoa ur games look liek shit, thus the game has to b shit hahahah XDXDXD'-action. So, even though you're right, that good graphics キshitty game, what...
  10. darkangel5000

    Just finished modding my GBC

    Well, yeah, I totally got this Gameboy Color two hours ago and now I've just finished installing the frontlight in it. I almost went nuts as I simply couldn't get it free of dust, but after all I did it somehow and I'm damn proud of it (I mean, really proud, after my Gameboy Backlight-Mod...
  11. darkangel5000

    Comment by 'darkangel5000' in 'Help me graduate college'

    Just did it. Hope it'll help :)
  12. darkangel5000

    I'd like to spit nintendo in the face...

    Everything began yesterday at 3pm (GMT+1), when I bought a "Nintendo Points Card 1000" to later buy majoras mask in the wii VC shop. I went home and used the provided code to get the 1000 pts credited. Well, until then everything was great, because then I tried to buy tloz:mm, but I was refused...
  13. darkangel5000

    Holy shit! I managed to get a sixpack of mountain dew!

    God damned, that stuff is hard to find where I live. Didn't even knew that it is distributed in germany. Hell yeah! So, I drank it today the first time and it is tasty... and delicious. Didn't knew what I was missing until now ;_; I have to get more by the 29th, so I'll never run out of...
  14. darkangel5000

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