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  1. worlok375

    Gaming I haven't been following the DS at all

    Hey guys it's been a while, I lost interest in my DS a couple of years ago, no idea why really, but I've decided to get back into it. So I need to know, what good games have come out in the last couple of years? Don't worry about genres, I'm open to anything.
  2. worlok375

    Gaming Dsi buttons dont work

    Earlier today I booted up moonshell and my dsi froze, this happens often so I just turned it off. When I turned it back on the touch screen refused to...touch and the only buttons that work are the "L" "R" "start" and "B" the start button of course stops working when I want to do something. I...
  3. worlok375

    Gaming Reformatting

    Ok so my computer won't open my micro sd card anymore and it says I need to format there anyway to make a back-up of my stuff when I can't access it? Any help would be appreciated as I need to play games...
  4. worlok375

    Justin Bieber fan just threatened to get all the haters

    So apparently this kid thinks that if he talks to people then all the Justin Bieber haters (people with different opinions than him) will get criminal records. Plus he said metal sucks...I hate him now. (never even heard of him before)
  5. worlok375

    Need a little help here

    So, I have this history project about the spread of ideas, products, and companies. Well I have to find some boxes of adobe illustrator or acrobat to complete a part of it but I can't find images so if anyone could direct me to where I might find some of those it would be pretty great. (please help)
  6. worlok375

    The prince's first blog

    Because this is my first blog I'll make it short. Two days ago on sunday I woke up, and looked at my clock and saw that it was 8:25. I moved to get up and suddenly everything went dark. Again I wake up look at my clock and see it's 7:00 leaving me in a wtf state. If you actually read that...
  7. worlok375

    Gaming Wii discs

    I don't want to waste time, (even though this probably is) could I put an ACTUAL wii disc into my computer, delete the old game, and put in a new one?
  8. worlok375

    New pokemon wiiware game Apparently it's about wind-up toys...resembling pokemon. Here's the google translate. I'm sure this will be full of lolz. (spoiler) ?Thriller! ?Pokemonsukuranburu is Pokemon (Pokemon toys) and we move, we are Pokemonbatoru next new...
  9. worlok375

    youtube error

    I got a very interesting error on youtube today: 500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Also, please include the following information in your error report: *snip* (it might have a virus not...
  10. worlok375

    Halo manichinima spoof with pokemon

    The awesomeness By the way the awesomeness starts when the battle starts. For now here's the link: Edit: Grr could someone show me how to link youtube tags? Edit2: Sorry about the title the spoof was supposed to be after pokemon.
  11. worlok375

    Hacking My review of gamezway

    Well this is it........I finally got my acekard 2i today......It is fine it works like a charm and everything. Ok here it is: Reliability: 4/5 I've seen some people who didn't get the items they ordered...BUT since I got mine it's a 4/5 Possibility of damage: HIGH The acekard came in a little...
  12. worlok375

    Hacking A question about the acekard

    I am thinking of buying a acekard 2i. I previously owned a r4 and am wondering...does the acekard auto-patch roms? If not could someone direct me to a guide on how to patch a rom. Thank you for your time.
  13. worlok375

    Hacking Idea for finding the common key

    Ok so I saw the thread about brute forcing the common key and got to thinking wouldn't the dsiware, the games, or the .bin files need the common key to access the dsi? If so then is there a way to find the common key by searching both files to find codes that are the same and make a file with...
  14. worlok375

    Misc They already updated the shop channel

    Hey I looked on the shop channel a little bit ago and found that they already updated the shop channel today does that mean we won't get the flipnote studio today? Or are they saving that for after the update tonight? Please post your opinion.
  15. worlok375

    Gaming Mcafee keep or no?

    Hi I have Mcafee antivirus and was wondering if it was making my computer slower and if I should get something else what would it be? Seriously am I wasting my money?
  16. worlok375

    Gaming megaman starforce 3 noise types

    Hi so I recently got the rogue noise form that is like rogue (in megaman form) but with no element or nfb (noise force? big bang) And it uses the mu shield but doesn't let me have brothers online only battle mates and it gives me +50 for swords What are some of your favorite noise forms?
  17. worlok375

    Hacking Dsi viewing mp4 files

    Ok I was on my dsi's sound channel when I noticed it auto played an mp4 instead of an aac file. But it wasn't showing the video.......I sent an e-mail to nintendo and I got this reply: Hello, I can appreciate your interest in the Nintendo DSi. As you may already know, the Nintendo DSi can...
  18. worlok375

    Gaming Hack game for ds

    Ok guys this game MIGHT come to the ds seriously look at the link. Wow isn't that amazing and the other thread was closed AFTER I posted the link to the site. Seriously people It MIGHT happen. And no this is not useless spam.
  19. worlok375

    Gaming The conduit

    Hello everyone I would like to tell you about the conduit coming out for the wii soon. First: of all It is rated T YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Say all the kids because they don't have to waste their energy on whining to their parents. Second: It features 16 player online. WOOOOOOOOT Third:It...
  20. worlok375

    Gaming GTA ending....

    Does anyone think the ending in GTA Chinatown wars was kind of corny?
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