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    Hacking Acekard 2i not working on N3DS.

    I have a hacked NEW 3DS XL. I've stumbled upon an old Acekard 2i I have which I've never used (my DS Lite broke as soon as I got it a few years ago). I've extracted the files from "AKAIO_1.9.0.7z" to the root of an 8GB microSD and inserted it in the acekard...
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    Hacking Problem with GameCube games' aspect ratio at 480p with Nintendont / USB loader GX

    Hello there! My Wii is connected to an HDTV through component cables. I set it to widescreen and 480p in the Wii's system settings. If I play GameCube games with Nintendont at 480i - standalone or through USB Loader GX - I have no issues whatsoever. The games adjust to 4:3 like they should...
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    Homebrew How can I alter my screens' color temp individually?

    I can alter both with Luma 3ds, but only both. The problem is that my top screen is a little yellowish and I wanted to make it less yellow so it matches the bottom screen more closely.
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    Homebrew Is it ok to install an Ambassador GBA CIA on a CFW 3DS?

    Well, considering it is supposed to be exclusive to Ambassador's 3DSs...
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