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  1. Yayo1990

    Not charging well after installing Henkaku?

    sup! I recently got myself a FAT Oled PS Vita, it used to charge well until I downgraded it to firmware 3.60 and since then I wasn't able to charge it. The charge feels so unstable and I can't seem to display the orange PS Logo. I already tried reseating the battery and using different power...
  2. Yayo1990

    Homebrew Installed a9lh, not sure what to do next

    Hello there, I wasn't posting in a while in this forum, but I felt like I could make another thread. Yesterday I successfully installed a9lh in my 3DS, no regrets there, It's the thing of stuff you're afraid to do, but once you do it you can't have any kind of regrets (like downgrading your...
  3. Yayo1990

    Homebrew Best idiot-proof Arm9loaderhax guide around?

    Ok, I'll get this straight, today after booting my 3DS like 20 times to get it working with Menuhax and CFW I just got tired of all this and thought to replace menuhax + EmuNAND with a9lh. So huh, considering there are bilions guides about a9lh, which one should I follow? Is it rather easy to...
  4. Yayo1990

    Homebrew PC-98 emulator on 3DS?

    I'm not the kind of guy who asks this kind of questions, but could a 3DS emulate this kind of architeture? Are there already working emulators around? I just want to play Touhou on 3DS Thanks in advance
  5. Yayo1990

    Homebrew GBA VC question

    Hey GBATemp, I've been able to install the modified AGB_FIRM to play VC GBA games, but here's something that's bothering me: does the gyroscope built in the 3DS work with games that support it? (ex. Yoshi's Universal Gravitation and Wario Ware Smooth Moves) Thanks in advance
  6. Yayo1990

    Hacking EmuNAND downgrade

    Hello there, considering I can set up a new emuNAND on another SD card, is there any way to downgrade it to a firmware lower than 9.2? Thanks in advance.
  7. Yayo1990

    Hacking Updating my emuNAND?

    Hello there, It's my first thread here and as you can tell by the title of the thread, I'm quite new into the emuNAND scene. My main question is how to update my emuNAND firmware without using the System Update feature, as I just fear I could update my sysNAND and screw everything. For example...
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