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  1. Purplstuph

    Hacking Quakespasm-spiked issue

    I asked about this on r/vitahacks but nobody is answering, so I'll post it here. I installed Quakespasm-Spiked recently and I've been at it all week, i can't find a solution anywhere. So QSS should function with the full quake files (pak0, pak1) along with the lights pak. Problem is that QSS...
  2. Purplstuph

    Gaming Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb Collection black screen

    Hi I downloaded said game but it can`t be played because the game boots to a black screen. I even tried through pkgj and still the same result. Oddly enough, Williams works but it doesn`t have my fave table in it. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Purplstuph

    Homebrew [Updated] Quake "not" Live 3ds!

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the long wait, i kinda moved to the vita scene. Don't worry, i didn't forget about the good ol' 3ds. So I've been messing around the mod files again and fixed the railgun's trail, making it fire a bolt of energy instead of a solid blue line. I've also swapped the model...
  4. Purplstuph

    Gaming Assault Gunners english translation?

    Hi , I'm looking for an english patch for the game Assault Gunners. Does anything like this exist?
  5. Purplstuph

    Hacking vitaQuake help

    I managed to get the frikbots working for multiplayer action but i can't seem to make the Quake 1.5 weapons pack work. I even tried to extract the pak file but it still kicks me to my vita menu. Anybody got this working? Any other weapon replacement models that work?
  6. Purplstuph

    Hacking Change ps vita theme music

    Hey I just got into vita hacking and im pretty proud of how it turned out. I'm having trouble with a theme and i want to change its music for another one. i do have the bgm.at9 for it but there's just no way to replace the current one. Even if i did, the theme works but the music doesnt. All i...
  7. Purplstuph

    ROM Hack MW3 ds ap patch

    Hi, I'm trying to run MW3 on dsimenu++ but i can't get in game since it freezes during the transition of menu and loading in-game. I'm not sure if it's an error or the anti piracy acting up. Is there an existing patch? I've looked everywhere and only found one for black ops on this site...
  8. Purplstuph

    ROM Hack Searching for save file

    I'm looking for a CoD Modern Warfare Mobilized save file with everything unlocked (or just the survival mode). Anybody got one?
  9. Purplstuph

    Homebrew Diablo's source code has been released!

    Got this from an article that someone managed to reverse engineer Diablo's source. We're one step closer to a possible port!
  10. Purplstuph

    Homebrew Release! Quake "not" Live 3ds

    Like mentioned in the title, i present you a personal project I've been tinkering with for the past couple of days. If you remember Quake Arena Arcade, this is basically the same thing but with a few updated things to make it look and sound better on the 3ds. Notable changes: -New console...
  11. Purplstuph

    Homebrew Is there an smdh forwarder?

    Like title says, is there one? I play a lot of Quake mods on my 3ds but i tend to get tired of going in HBL just for that. Is there something like a tool similar to 3dsxlauncherloader but for smdh?
  12. Purplstuph

    Homebrew Need help to compile to nds

    first of all hi, i am a noob to compiling stuff. I'm trying to compile svkaiser's Doom 64 DS port using devkitpro but it's giving me an error. Can someone help?
  13. Purplstuph

    Homebrew [Homebrew request/Idea] Mechwarrior 2 ms-dos on 3ds

    I'm not sure if it is possible because of all them fancy old polygons and probably a major slowdown because of the o3ds specs but do you guys think it could be a thing? ps: i tried running many dos ports and they all fail to work for me.
  14. Purplstuph

    Homebrew 3DS theme request

    Im looking for a good metroid theme. I know there's a few but some don't appeal me. Can someone make a theme using: This as top: And this as bottom...
  15. Purplstuph

    Hacking PSP theme request

    Hi, im new here :) Ive been trying to use the psp theme creator and tried to make a gameboot but none worked for me (only managed to make the icons work though) so i gave up. I have a PSP 1000 with CFW 6.60 PRO-C Heres what i wanted to use For the gameboot: (from 1:03 to 1:17 if possible)...
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