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    Blog: MockyLock
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    Blog: MockyLock
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    Blog: MockyLock
  4. MockyLock

    I have a REAL confession to make...

    I, Me "MockyLock" Myself, have never liked the Final Fantasy series. Shocking, I know... But I find the gameplay to be boring, monotonous, and endless random turn-based fight just aren't my kind of game. I've tried giving it a chance with many new game, and I even started with Final Fantasy 6...
  5. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'Attention all ROM dumpers: Stop naming your ROMs like this.'

    Hmm When i sort my physical games, i do it this way ; the article doesn't count.
  6. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'Today will be my last day as Chief Editor at :('

    I don't know you, but your pic of you and children moved me more than i would have thought. I'm 41yo, and have two sons, about the age of your children i guess. It could be me on this pic. Enjoy your family, see you around !
  7. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'I have bought everyone kfc.'

    Never tasted KFC.
  8. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'Nature has gone insane.'

    Dunno where you live, but here in France, snow in March isn't that surprising.
  9. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'What is your all time favorite console?'

    Mine is the Nintendo64. First time i played a 3D game, and such a feel of liberty in SM64 !
  10. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'The 3ds-flashcart Experience 2: Electric Boogaloo Expansion'

    So, you got a free SX Pro and asking what to do ? ... I wish i had the same problem as you...
  11. MockyLock

    Comment by 'MockyLock' in 'Getting older sucks.'

    Just turned 39yo, next year will be a bigger step. Oh damn i understand what you feel. Being 20, then 30 didn't scare me, but 40 isn't the same. When i take my sons by the hand, and have a walk with them, remembering i walked the same path... more than 30 years ago... But eh, just have to deal...
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