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  1. J

    Hacking Anyone used

    Was looking to preorder the new sx lite thing but from there trusted sellers list i recognized literally 0 of the sites.... Has anyone successfully ordered from or can recommend any site that has preorders for sxlite and will ship to canada?
  2. J

    Hardware Looking for headset reccomendation

    Looking to upgrade my logitech g35 headset to something with better sound quality. Looking for something wired and around the 70-140 cad range. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. J

    Hardware C-stick replacement question

    Recently been playing alot of monster hunter stories and in that game you have to spin the c stick alot... sadly id reccomend just loosing that minigame as i have come to realize. stick still works but whatever keeps it from turning 360 degrees is broken now and is surprisingly annoying. trying...
  4. J

    Hacking messed up a9lh install

    so i tried instaling al9h via a guide but i screwed up somewhere down the line. tried going to the website listed and it made the colors on my 3ds go weird. figured it just bugged and turned off 3ds and now it wont turn on at all. light goes on for maybe split second and then turns off. i have...
  5. J

    Need help with ps2 hacking

    Got a ps2 a while back with the intention of getting it to play burned discs. Got a mcfreeboot memory card off of ebay and it works but it doesnt have the thing to run burned pirated stuf on it. I have a hard drive that it recognized in it and i formatted it with one of the apps that was on it...
  6. J

    PS1/2 need recommendation for modding ps2

    picked up a ps2 v39001 for 25$ a while back and now i wanted to mod it. the problem im running into is that alot of the guides for that are at best outdated and for the most part require a modchip or taking apart the ps2 to swap out a disc. Was hoping someone knowledgeable could let me know what...
  7. J

    Hacking Difficulties with cfw

    having some problems getting cfw installed. im following tutorial and have been mostly suscesfull and was able to boot past the black screen into cfw but whenever i run the bat it instatly says...
  8. J

    Hacking Need recommendation on flashcard

    bought a chinese sd card reader and it fried my old one that i used previously for my r4 so now I sadly have to choose between buying a new one (10$) or getting a new flashcard that supports sdhc so i decided id get a new one that worked with my 3ds. looked on the shop.temp site for a good one...
  9. J

    help with my phone

    Well i got pissed off with my lg-p999 phone the other day from wind, stupid thing has been stuck on android 2.2 for a long time so i decided to put a rom on it. i think i figured out what i messed up as when i put the rom on i didnt wipe the cache first and now it loads a new lg logo but then...
  10. J

    Hacking How do I use ez flash 3 in 1 expansion

    How do I use ez flash 3 in 1 expansion with r4. ive tried using tools found on filetrip but I cant seem to get it working. Im curently using the latest vesion of wood
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