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    Gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Stimulus Package

    We all know its about $15 or 1200MSP and you get 2 months xbox gold live and 5 maps I've been think about getting it, but i wanted to know that yall think about it.
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    Gaming [OUTDATED] Tempers' XBOX Live Gamertags!

    HQSai manly play COD MW2
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    Gaming Driving Free Roam

    Sup been looking for a new drivin free roam game for my 360 last time i found a good one was NFS Carbon The only thing i know is that both Forza 3 and NFS Shift is not free roam (to bad Shift isnt thats why i liked NFS). if yall have any recommandations would love to know Tks
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    Hacking How long did it take you to replace your NDSL shell?

    cuz i was careful about all the rubber parts and the screens 2 hrs for the 1st time taking apart a DSL for its 1st time but i dont know about yall but i tend to watch tv or play another game when am replacing the parts, so about 1-3 hrs
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    Review Guild's Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Review

    if you want to know a bit about the Pokewalker its just a little side thing you can do for fun, get pokemon, find items, etc. thats all but i know i cant wait to play with my pokewalker cuz i just got a new battey cell for my old Pokemon Pikachu 2
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    Review Guild's Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Review

    There was a Celebi event in the jap games. If I remember right it was also called the GS event. It was one of the things that Nintendo toke out of the english games. However if you used a Gameshark you could of gotten the event. I dont think you could of gotten it anyother way. I remember doing...
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    Hacking DSi or DSi XL

    I think protokun wanted to add more to what lolzed said. well i was thinking about getting a DSi LL and getting a M3i Zero (cuz am used to the M3's). anyways i do have a backup DSLite thats why i dont mind spending the $$ before yall start sayin spend it on something else like a xbox360...
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    Hacking DSi or DSi XL

    I have had my DSLite for about 3 years now and my hinge just now cracked. I have replaced a DSLite case before for my sister and it works just fine. So I have come to ask should I buy a DSi, wait and buy a DSi LL or buy a new case? and if you answer is buy a DSi/ LL which cart should I buy? I...
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    Review Tales of Vesperia PS3 Review

    um whos the girl on the top left. am only on the 2nd act on my 360
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    Gaming How can next gen Wii be better?

    i dont know what yall think but the Wii is the closest to the virtual reality gaming console then eveyone thinks but game wise just better games
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    Will Nintendo be around for a long time?

    I dont think Nintendo is goin away anytime soon. i think nintendo just relesed the Wii because of the PS3 and the 360. i think we all know that nintendo should of released a different console because the Wii is just ahead of its time
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    Gaming Harvest Moon:Sunshine Island question...

    sorry ericling but am goin to steal your thread Um does anyone know how many cows and sheep can been in the barn?
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    Gaming New Golden Sun?

    hi hi Golden Sun is goin to be release 1/01/10 unless they push it back
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    Gaming pokemon

    well i was wondering if yall have heard if there is gon to be a new pokemon game for the Wii, or is there just a update for PBR for PGH and PSS
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    Gaming The Pokémon HG/SS Help Thread!!!

    so when does it come out in the usa and what changes are there form the old GB to the DS, besides the pokemon following you and better color
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    Gaming Recommendations

    Like the topic says am new to PSP. What Titles can yall recommend, so far I have Star Ocean 1 and 2
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    Gaming GTA level

    If your not into the AR stuff. You can get a fast car and start ramming it in th back, and before your car explodes jump out. or get infront of it and drop a mine.
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    Gaming GTA Freezin

    I reformated, used a different card, and its still freezing
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    Gaming GTA Freezin

    Sorry if its has been talked about but am just now playing GTA:CW and its freezing i tryed the patch. i toke that out and tryed the bypass. then tryed using both its still freezing i have a M3R V4.3 plz help
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    Wii #1259 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (USA)

    arrg cant find it i guess its time to play Endless Ocean to calm down
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