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  1. Crazy-S

    Ableton Summer Music Challenge

    Hi its Crazy-S aka Butterschnitzel from Bruderhertz Ableton has started a new contest named Ableton Summer Music Challenge and I´m one of the Contributors The 25 tracks with the most plays will be presented as finalists to the jury so now its your turn please listen to my Song and send it to...
  2. Crazy-S

    4869 - KORG DS-10 PLUS (USA) (256Mbit) (Xenophobia)

    4869 - KORG DS-10 PLUS (USA) (256Mbit) (Xenophobia) Rom Number: 4869 Game Full Name: KORG DS-10 PLUS Release Group: Xenophobia Land:USA DSi Enhanced: Yes Rom size 256Mbit Archive Name: xpa-ds10.rar Product Features * Exchange sounds and songs and play with up to eight units simultaneously...
  3. Crazy-S

    Gaming Xbox 360 downgrading?

    Hi can we downgrade a xbox 360 to a system thats jatag compatible?? "its very crazy but could we just put some others NANd in our Xbox 360 to downgrade??"
  4. Crazy-S

    Homebrew Just an DSi Idea

    Hi why is everyone trying to hack the dsi directly via the hardware (I mean cracking the dsi open and play with some wires^^) So my idea is could we hack the DSi via the internet like some kind of Trojan that infects the DSi system with a hack so that we have acces to the SD menu and others but...
  5. Crazy-S

    Hacking I need help, please

    First of all yeah I know that theres a thread to make noobish questions but I need a quick answer. So how do you manage to load a 4.7gb iso on a fat32 system?[thats impossible!] and then when I wanna install the cios249 on my 36ios thing its not working the updater just says install failed...
  6. Crazy-S


    Hi I just want to show you our Music: *text copied from Soundcloud^^* Bruderhertz Who we are: We're three brothers, which have different musical backgrounds, but produce a quite similar style of music. Where does our pseudonym come from: After sitting together and listening to some...
  7. Crazy-S

    Homebrew N64 on DS(Iplayer?)

    Hi first of all yes I know its the 1000th thread about asking somewhat but the search button didnt help... So would it be possible to play n64 Games on the Iplayer or PS1 games(???)? here are the facts of the Iplayer If I could code I would...
  8. Crazy-S

    Hacking Acekard 2i Problem

    Hi my problem is, that when I insert my AK2i into my DSi the DSi shows that theres some kind of DS card in it but he doesnt shows the pic of it and the TEXT... My DSi Version is 1.4E the AK2i was updated to AKAIO 1.5 Ive asked already in the AKDS-Forum and Rapfnny meant it could be the internal...
  9. Crazy-S

    Homebrew Is there any success with DSi hacking?

    Hi i just wanna ask if theres any success in Hacking the DSi (I mean DSi compatible homebrew etc)
  10. Crazy-S

    Homebrew Can somebody port this Flashgame on the DS?

    Like the title says: Can somebody port this Flash game on the DS? I really like to play this so I wanna have an portable version of this (its already out on the Iphone so its piece of cake for the DS^^)
  11. Crazy-S

    Gaming Flipnote Studio EU Release

    I´ve just read that Flipnote Studio comes at 14.August to Europe Nintendo has confirmed this release date!!! AND its free I hope the Flashcard Teams get the update running before 14 August^^ Heres where i found it (in German) Flipnote News
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