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  1. Mr. Elementle

    Homebrew Is there anyway to edit the dafault Gameboy VC palette?

    I know using the injector you can edit each games palette individually, but is there a way (using cfw) to edit the default palette the 3ds loads? or will i have to uninstall all my official games and reinstall them as injected cias?
  2. Mr. Elementle

    Hacking Dumping Sysnand Tickets not creating any files in files9?

    I'm installing a9lh and at the point when i should dump the tickets and delete the non 00- theres no files, decrypt9 is saying they;re dumped, but when i look on my sd there's nothing
  3. Mr. Elementle

    Hacking Is there an easy way to have multiple saves with CFW like with a sky3ds?

    So right now i'm using a sky3ds+ on my n3ds, but i just hooked my o3ds up with a9lh, i know sky saves aren't directly compatible with cia saves, but it there an easy way to have multiple saves with cias like with sky? With sky i just plug the card into my phone or pc and pick which save i want...
  4. Mr. Elementle

    Homebrew Installing Ironhax 2.5 on .28 using oothax and another 3ds on an .27?

    Okay i know it's a lot of steps, but i have an old3ds on .27 and an oot cartridge, could i use browserhax on my o3ds to install oothax, then switch the cartridge over to my n3ds and use it to install ironhax 2.5?
  5. Mr. Elementle

    Homebrew Just got my N3ds, what are the best emulators?

    I'm mainly looking for Nes and GBA since gameyob and blargsnes have worked fine, but i seem to be having trouble with an nes emu.
  6. Mr. Elementle

    Homebrew Whats the best way to start programing homebrew on tubehax for a noob?

    I've been involved in some minor hacks and stuff before, mostly just graphics, but recently i've taken an interest in learning to program my own 3dsx homebrew, my programming knowledge is limited though. Whats the best language to program in? I've seen a lot of people use C++ and C# but i keep...
  7. Mr. Elementle

    Gaming Making Full List Of Playcoin Uses, Help Wanted

    Okay so my goal is to document everygame that uses playcoins, document how they use them, and how many. but since i don't own every game i need help I know I'm Missing A lot of games, so please help me expand the list :}
  8. Mr. Elementle

    Homebrew Epub Reader for 3DS?

    I've been using Iku reader on my r4i for my ebooks, but since tubehax just came out and i can finally add homebrew to my 3ds i wanted to know if there was a decent ebook reader (Epub preferably) for the 3ds? or if i just have to deal with having to whip out my r4 anytime i want to read on the go.
  9. Mr. Elementle

    Homebrew Is it possible to port Five Nights at Freddy's to DS?

    I would like to start learning to program ds games, but before i got started on a project like this i wanted to ask some more experienced programmers if this would be possible, or if it would be to dificult or unrealistic for the ds's low processing power
  10. Mr. Elementle

    ROM Hack I have a gameshark USB that hooks nds carts to the pc, can i use it to rip saves?

    Like the title says, i have a gameshark that lets me plug NDS game cards into the usb slot, is there anyway to use this to rip my saves?
  11. Mr. Elementle

    Hacking Using R4I gold on 3ds, is it safe to download the Feburary update?

    So I use my r4i gold on my 3ds, and a new update came out yesterday, i wanted to know if the update would break the r4i or if nintendo is only patching for 3ds flashcarts?
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