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  1. outgum

    Official League Of Legends Discussion Thread

  2. outgum

    Hardest job you've done?

    This definetly made my day. I work at Vodafone, so I sell phones and what not all day. Anyways, So I get this guy who comes in and he wants a plan to get Internet data on his phone... After I explain it to him (which took about 20 minutes... My god) He goes like this, "......So, Is 1GB of data...
  3. outgum

    Square Enix hint towards Final Fantasy XIII-3

    They need to drop 13 and move on :L Seriously.
  4. outgum

    Who Am I?

    Is the answer... alidsl?
  5. outgum

    Who Am I?

    Spot the Dog! Clifford The Dog
  6. outgum

    Gaming Microsoft forcing payment for Gold

    Are you freaking jokes? 1.38$ for a cup of coffee.... oh maaaan.... its like 5$ - 7$ a cup if you want a decent one here. Anyways.... I was reading through this and I was like.... Imma go check my account since i have an expired card on there too that was on auto renew ... But nothing about any...
  7. outgum

    pokemon zodiac

    Yeeeeah. Mew.
  8. outgum

    Need help finding an anime. [SOLVED]

    We know you wanted to see the lolicon. :ninja:
  9. outgum

    I am a cat.

    We dress up as the Ouran High Host Club and went out and got tea, that was good fun XD.... Its more fun when people notice what your doing, fangirl then ask for photos haha. Its what we do for fun and for some people they like seeing it. What would you do if you saw a megaman running down your...
  10. outgum

    I am a cat.

  11. outgum

    I am a cat.

    I will eat your soul.
  12. outgum

    I am a cat.

  13. outgum

    I am a cat.

    Eh, it was just how I was raised. Everyone has an annoying quality about them. So if you are to insult someone elses "annoying" quality expect yours to be insulted back. In saying that, if people didnt have these different qualities them we would all be the same and how boring would that be :/
  14. outgum

    I am a cat.

    I dont see why to be honest. Why not? If its something I enjoy doing why should I only do it at conventions? Its no different to people who get horrid tattoos all over there body and walk around in public with it. Or no different to someone being completely layered in peicings in public. I hate...
  15. outgum

    Who Am I?

    I pass. Paarish have another turn
  16. outgum

    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (J) |OT|

    .......Check first post.
  17. outgum

    I am a cat.

    I've had a few parents grab there kids and pull them away LAWL. But its good fun. Cosplaying is my hobby and also just dressing retardly in general. Also collecting figurines... It always empties out my bank account at the end of the month :/ My next cosplay to walk around in public is Megaman XD
  18. outgum

    Who Am I?

  19. outgum

    I am a cat.

    You're talking to a person who walks around town in cosplay all the time, or wears my pikachu hat when i go shopping. The amount of weird looks I get just fuels me.
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