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    Hardware Replacing Wii Battery

    If I remember correctly, the Wii takes a CR2032 for the clock. I know it is easy to replace, but does it store any other data I should backup before swapping the battery? I have softmoded it so dumping the data shouldn't be a problem if someone could point me to the best method (if it is even...
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    Hardware Question about NAND and longevity

    I know that Nintendo put in good quality NAND chips but still they have a limited number of write cycles so I have tried to reduce the number of writes I do with my Wii. As I understand it, the Wii writes a game that is on a SD card to temp flash memory then runs it, and of course game saves...
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    Hacking Problem Ea Sports Active More workouts with USBLoaderGX

    Ok first off I am not having problems with ANY other game, so it is kind of odd. At IOS 249 just a black screen, at IOS 250 I get the wear the wrist strap image and then the this game uses the nunchuck image, but after that black screen. I am using D2x and looks like rev 21008 based on the...
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    Gaming What are these? Aka Cleaning SD cards

    I am cleaning up my archives and I found several Wii SD cards. There are several titles on them and I am trying to figure out if I should keep them and move to my Wii HD or just zap. Usually I can tell by the folder names, but these I can't seem to find references to: XJDE XHCE XJJE XH7E XHDE...
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    Hacking question about backups with NUS etc

    I am doing backups before the servers shut down in a couple of days of anything I might need in the future (like IOS files). One question I have, should I keep the raw download or just the decrypted .app files? As I understand they are encrypted with the common and title key? Is there...
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    Hacking Rockband 3 DLC backup

    Been out of the scene for a while and now trying to get back into it. I see nintendo is closing down the Wiishop and I assume the RockBand DLC is going down with it. I think I have everything I bought on SD cards, but I am going to grab fresh copies to make sure. So here is my question, is...
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    Hardware Using a old GB programmer on a computer without parallel port

    As I am sure some of you will remember the old GB Emerger by Netmars, a nice backup system for GB and GBC games. I dusted mine off and the ecard battery went dry so I am replacing it then I would like to reload my game saves that I backed up to a hard drive awhile back. The device has a...
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    Hardware PC utility to easily archive items from SD card

    Is there a PC utility to easily archive items from SD card? In other words to see what the items are (say this wiiware game or that channel) on the PC and copy the ones you want off the SD card to the HD to free up space on the SD card? It seems like I saw such a utility before but now I...
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    Gaming A warning regarding Rock Band: Don't ever delete your songs!

    Probably everyone knows this, but I didn't see it mentioned when I searched. In short don't delete your songs if you are short on space thinking "I will just download them again". While that is normally ok, Harmonix is removing songs they can't renew the license for (not a lot but there have...
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    Report: Piracy Isn't Killing Content

    While not on gaming exactly, I think the report applies to all forms of entertainment. You can read the article here: and the full paper here:
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    Hacking EZ Flash IV Compatibility

    I seem to be having a issue with a couple of games. Namely the "classic" series of games for the GBA such as Pac Man, Zelda I, Donkey Kong, etc. When I try to load these I get a error with game pak and to power off the GBA. I don't seem to get this with anything else (so far). The only other...
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    Hacking Problem accessing Priiloader Hacks with Uneek+DI NAND created with Modmii

    Hello all, I am having problems accessing Priiloader Hacks with Uneek+DI NAND created with Modmii. Specifically I have a game or two that I need to block disc updates for. But at the moment I can't seem to get into the Priiloader menu. I know I installed it when I created the NAND via Modmii...
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    Misc Monster Hunter Tri WiFi shutting down today

    I just saw a article about Monster Hunter Tri Wifi/multiplayer is shutting down sometime today. :/ I missed the previous posts about it ( Sad to see, and I have to wonder what will be the next to get the axe...
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    Hardware Best Wii Cooling Fan

    While I don't have a problem with my Wii currently and have always had wiiconnect24 off 99% of the time (except for a day or two when I first bought it and noticed it was warm to the touch, after that I didn't run "standby" except for brief periods) I am thinking of getting a extra fan to use...
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    Hacking Using USB Loader GX and moving from one USB Flashdrive to another

    Hello All, I am using USB Loader GX and have ripped several discs to its contents (the drive is Fat 32). Runs great. Now i just got a newer larger USB flash drive and I was wondering: If I can just copy the drive to a windows vista machine using windows explorer and then copy it back to the...
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    Hardware GameCube controller adapter to Wiimote

    Ok here is the situation. I have a cyberbike and I enjoy it very much, and I have no problem with the Wii. But as we know the WiiU does NOT have gamecube ports which is how the bike connects to the Wii. I also know of several games that while they are Wii, use the gamecube ports for one thing...
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    Hacking NandBinCheck double checking my NAND is intact

    Hello All, I am just double checking that my NAND.bin dumps from hackmii is intact/ok incase I have a problem. Running the check I see a few errors such as "couldn't find file" or a couple of signing errors. It seems to finish normally without any fatial errors from what I can tell. What...
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    Gaming Rock Band 3 import of songs possible?

    Hello All, I recently got Rock Band 3 and I was wondering if it was possible to import previous songs from other discs? Apparently Rockband 2 and Green Day are the only offically supported methods. Are there others? I am not pirating but rather planning on purchasing the disc on ebay or such...
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    Hardware Wii Speak issue

    I just got a Wii Speak (a package deal with a Blue Oceans 2 at a price that was a steal) and have HBC, HackMii, cIOS, USBloaderGX, installed and running. I also used NUS Downloader to download the wii speak channel and installed the WAD. The channel runs no problem but it then says connect my...
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    Hacking Endless Ocean 2 wants a update

    Hello all, I got a copy of Endless Oceans 2 for Christmas (loved the first one) and I see it is asking to do a system update. Hmm I thought I had all the IOS's. I USB load with USBLoaderGX, and have the up to date cIOS. And I am running 4.3 and this is the first time I have a disk asking. Of...
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