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    Hardware COOV sh500

    Hello, i recently bought the sh500 for my switch and it works great. But as soon as i load SXOS and i plug it to the adapter the switch goes off and i need to keep the power button for a while before it restarts. Of course i have to take it out from the adapter. Any idea why on the original FW...
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    Hardware SDXC not reconized on 6.2

    hello, i have a new switch on 6.2 to jailbreak but it doesnt reconize my sd and everytime i go on CFW it request a system update for the SDXC. I guess is a SDXC patch missing (exfat). Any idea how to get the patch for ex fat without risk of getting in the new 7.0 ?? thanks
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    Gaming NES Nintendo switch Online (NSP)

    Hello, is anybody having problem with that game? I've just installed as NSP on SXOS but everytime i try to open it ask me to link my account to a nintendo one even if i'm offline. Any idea?
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    Hacking Question Games not loading with Emunand

    Hello, sorry if it has been asked already but i can't find a solution. I have Nand and Emunand both on 6.0. and 2.0.1. Loaded XCI an NSP without problem. Played games on the custom firmware and ok. Had to reboot on Nand and after rebooting on the Emunand, all games that i started before are...
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    Hacking Question Update 6.0 and original games

    Hello, at the moment i'm on a 5.1 switch with so os 1.9. My idea is to play the original Fifa19 Online (i guess on the sysNand) and leave all the other xci on the SDCard to play with the emunand offline. Is that possible? Any risk? Suggestion to how update to 6.0 without getting in trouble...
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    Hacking RCM Jig on 3.0.0

    Hello Gents, i've just got my OS. Since i'm still on 3.0.0 is there any way to get in RCM without using the jig? Cheers
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