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    Homebrew RELEASE Clean the Nand of the Nintendo Switch, Haku33 homebrew

    I might need some help too.. I saw on github that release 3.7 extended support to mariko consoles. Does this mean that haku33 will also work on my switch lite now? I'm a switch lite SX owner; right now atmosphere cfw is installed on sysnand. I'd like to go back to a clean sysnand and start...
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    Homebrew DSi mode Homebrew List!

    Sorry for the off-topic. How did you succeed to make quake2ds start? I've been trying several times but always gave me error, like r_model_cache=0.
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    Homebrew [Discontinued] TWLoader - CTR-mode NDS app

    Hello everybody. I've got a question regarding homebrews and TWLoader. I've been trying to run cquake ds and quake 2 ds homebrews with twloader but had no luck. Both load but freeze when it comes to look out for the requested files; these homebrews require you to have a folder in your root with...
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] ctrQuake - Quake 1 port

    Would it be possible to bind the look movement to the controlpad (the single circle pad on the left of O3DS) and bind movement to the buttons (x=forward etc.)? I was able to do so with the eDuke32 homebrew but couldn't succeed here in ctrquake. Thank you
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    Homebrew [Release] Quake2CTR - Quake 2 port

    Thank you, but I think I need some help, as I don't know what to write exactly in the console, referring to how the analog pads on 3ds are actually named etc. How do I bind keys like this? Example bind (circle pad pro up) look up // or // bind (c-stick up) look up Bind (x key) walk forward...
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    Homebrew [Release] Quake2CTR - Quake 2 port

    First of all thank you MasterFeizz for your work on making q1 and q2 playable on 3ds. I have a question, as I own a O3DS (and got no c-stick) would it be possibile to map the controls this way: - map movement (forward, backward etc) to buttons ABXY - map look bound to left stick and...
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    Homebrew Trying to invert vertical aim in Qrevpak

    I've tried too but had no luck. By the way, inverted look works for the quake 2 port included in the release. Also classic controller pro seems not to be working and I can't bind sticks to axes. Would be nice to have this fixed, although the hb was released years ago.
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