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    Homebrew Emulator Genesis GX Forwarder

    Between the both of you I got what I needed, thank you very much!
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    Homebrew Emulator Genesis GX Forwarder

    Is there a working Genesis GX forwarder or rpx file? I've tried a few WADs and they lock up on a black screen. Ideally I would prefer a tile on the Wii U home menu, but just something that shows off the Genesis GX right now would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Hacking Homebrew app WiiU HIDtoVPAD and HID-Test issue

    Running into an issue getting HIDtoVPAD working correctly. 1) All of my controllers show up as vid-0F0D pid-00C1. I've tried removing every configuration file, restarting the console, starting with the USB both in and out... and yet nothing seems to fix this issue. 2) When my HIDtoVPAD was...
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    Homebrew Official HID to VPAD

    I have a few issues I'm running in to... 1) All my hid devices are registering as vid-0F0D pid-00C1 so I can't get separate configuration files. 2) When I change a configuration file, it's not actually making changes even when I place it in wiiu > controllers
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