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    Hacking Where can I find the latest Cheat.Dat File??

    Just need a little help here guys...I know there is a member who has a constantly updated cheat.dat file in his signiture. can you point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot.
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    Gaming Zelda HAS been dumped!!!

    You know where to look. All Nighter Here I Come!!!!
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    Hacking Pokemon Diamond XML for R4 Cheaters!

    I think that cheating in this game will ruin the gameplay for me. So I choose not to cheat. However, I know that some of you are dying to get your hands on the codes for this game. Well here they are. Just upload to your usrcheat.dat file...
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    Hacking Can Someone Link Me to the PSP Skins??

    I need some different colors and I can't find the link anywhere. Thanks!
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    Hacking Pokemon D/P has been dumped!!!!

    Just wanted to let you know. If you are on this forum, you know where to look for it. Want proof? Check the home page.
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    Hacking Post your usrcheat.dat files here!!

    I created this thread for people to come and get updated usrcheat.dat files. In case you don't know, a cheat function was added as of firmware 1.08. usrcheat.dat files are custom cheat files that the r4 can read. Please, if you've updated your usrcheat.dat file, upload it on a file hosting site...
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    Hacking Question about 1.08 Firmware

    Is this an R4 exclusive or will it come out for the M3 DS Simply as well? Also, I haven't seen anyone discuss the new kernal. How is it working for all of you R4 owners? If you haven't got the new firware you can find it here:
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    Hacking When will Pokemon D/P Rom Be Released?

    How far in advance do the roms normaly show up? I've seen rom information on gbatemp homepage as early as two weeks before release. I really want to know when Pokemon D/P will have it's rom out there.
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    Hacking Drum Machine on R4??

    Can someone please tell me if the Drum Machine Homebrew is working for the R4? I tried it, but there is no readme file so I don't know where to place the folders and such (root, same dir, etc.) I tried patching it, but I just think I'm doing something wrong. If Drum Machine isn't working is...
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    Hacking Poll: What Micro SD Card Are You Using

    So many people have different cards. I really would like to know which card is the most used.
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    Hacking Picodrive 0.1.6 with DLDI

    The R4 compatibility list says that I need the Unofficial Costumized version of 0.1.6 with DLDI. I've found the 0.1.6 version everywhere, but I can't find the "Unofficial Customized" version anywhere. Can someone PLEASE provide a link???
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    Hacking Screenshot of Root Directory on my TF

    Please someone tell me if I did this right. I posted this on the M3 forum, but I guess people don't want to be helpful over there. I don't have my R4 yet and I want to make sure I did it right before it gets here. Did I name the system folder right? Is the firmware in the right place?
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    Hacking Screenshot of Root Directory on Micro SD

    I replaced moonshell with DSOrganize (I just renamed the file). This is why there is no "shell" directory. I have not even recieved my DS Simply, so I am preparing by setting up my TF. Can someone please tell me if this looks right?
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    Hacking Slot 1 No Patcher Test

    "An application developped by programmer openchip has been floating around lately. It supposedly helps you find out whether your slot-1 flashkit truly supports clean roms or at the contrary patches the clean rom on the fly without you noticing. We have tested this application on various...
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    Hacking NES Skin for M3/R4

    This is my first skin. I don't even have my R4 yet to test it out. I could really use some advice on this. Should I add/delete anything? Are the icons too big? I'm also thinking about putting a phrase or a quote under the icons. What do you guys think?
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    Hacking NES Skin for M3/R4!

    This is my first skin. I don't even have my M3 Simply yet to test it out. Should I add/delete anything? Should the icons be bigger/smaller? I'm thinking about putting some type of phrase or quote under the icons. What do you guys think?
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    Hacking M3 DS Simply Reviews

    I made this post as a central spot people can come to and check for new reviews. I don't know where all the reviews are, but please post any reviews you come across. Here are the only ones I have found... Maxconsole Good comparison between M3 Simply and R4
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