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    Hacking Question How safe is Emunand ?!

    I tried to find answers for my Question on google, but I couldnt find any. Now I´m hoping for help here :) So I just bought a new Switch today, and it came with 4.1.0 and it is not patched. Now I want to use it Online (MK and MP) and Offline for Homebrew etc... Now my Question is, if I setup a...
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    Hardware Looking for a Wind Waker HD Savegame (Loadiine)

    Hey, I am looking for a Wind Waker HD Savegame used for Loadiine. So I need the C and U Folder. Thanks
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    Hacking Use Savegames from another Loadiine User?

    Is it possible to use a Savegame from a different Loadiine User? Or will the Profile IDs not match? Thanks
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    Hacking 5.3.2 spoofed to 5.5.1 but can´t link NNID

    So I spoofed my Firmware from 5.3.2 to 5.5.1 Now when I try to add a new User with an already created NNID an Error shows up. Tubehax is enabled and the Nintendo Urls are blocked in my Router. Can someone help me out? Thanks
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