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  1. J

    Hacking WiiKey Mod Chip $30.62 Shipped

    From Dealxtreme Nice price! EDIT: OOPs...posted already...sorry
  2. J

    Hacking R4 $29.59 Shipped Pretty darn good price....... bad! $32.79 Shipped. I can't change the title....mods? Thanks!
  3. J

    Hacking Transcend 2GB MicroSD $40 shipped at Newegg Dont know how good this works with the flash carts.
  4. J

    Hacking What is Imgview?

    I assume it's a picture viewer? Doesn't Moonshell takes care of these functions? Does it convert pics also? Thanks!
  5. J

    Hacking M3 Perfect in Hong Kong

    Hi, My folks are going to HK soon, was wondering where I can get one and how much it would cost. Also, do they sell the English version there? TIA
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