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    Hacking [Smash 4] Save Editor

    Save Editor for Smash 4 v1.1.6 Pretty self explanatory Working for Smash 4 v1.1.6 (may also work for v1.1.5) Features can be seen in the screenshot Download in attachments Enjoy
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    Hacking [Smash 4] DLC & Extra Stages in Custom

    The following code will allow you to select all DLC stages, online training room and the trophy rush stage from the custom stage selection screen. You will need at least 10 custom stages created in order for this code to work. While this code is on, it will replace those 10 custom stages with...
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    Hacking How do I region change my 4.2e Wii to 4.2u ?

    Basically title says all. But yeah, I have a 4.2e Wii and I want to region change it to 4.2u.
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    Gaming What update do 2011 Wiis come with?

    Hi, I just have want to ask what update do the 2011 Wiis come with ? Because I am buying a new Wii and I've heard you cannot use Bannerbomb to install Homebrew Channel for 4.3. Can someone please answer from Australia or anywhere ? Thanks
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    Hacking Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Pokemon Battle Revolution wont work on my 4.2e softmodded wii. The ISO is NTSC it loads up the strap menu and the ESRB notice but then goes to a black screen and nothing happens. PLEASE HELP
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    Hacking Is it safe to intall another wii nand on to my wii

    Is it safe to intall another wii nand on to my wii, because my brothers wii has all the stuff i want PLEASE ANSWER
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    Hacking how do you install ios 202 offline

    how do you install ios 202 offline help
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    Hacking I cant play 007 nightfirre on neogamma

    it says error please turn off gamecube please help
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    Hacking how do you get 007 nightfire gc working on softmod wii

    I have softmodded wii with 4.2 and i can play backup wii and gc games but when i load 007 nightfire it says error please turn of gamecube please help
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    Hacking preloader system menu ticket not found acces denied

    please help im using wii 4.2e what do i do i install it but it says preloader system menu ticket not found acces denied then it writes installation complete but when i go to exit to system menu its wii system menu PLEASE HELP need priiloader ive got mymenufy
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    Hacking cant install priiloader 0.4 on 4.2e

    im using homebrew channel 0.6 running under ios 35 when i install priiloader it completes just saying error deleting extra files but i heard that was normal. So when i exit and go system menu its the wii system menu not priiloader ive also tried installing using cios still doesnt work. Ive also...
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    Hacking Which ios slot do i choose for dop mii

    which ios slot do i choose for dop mii cause i want to reinstall system menu 4.2e
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    Hacking Is it safe to reinstall the system menu 4.2

    Hi i had priiloader 0.4 on my 4.2e wii and when homebrew 0.7 came out i updated to it then when i went back to priiloader it wouldnt load the hombrew channel so i thought that priiloader was corrupted so i uninstalled it using the installer. Then i found out that homebrew 0.7 doesnt work on...
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