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  1. stylo

    Welcome to GBAtemp v8!

    Finally dark mode! Thanks guys!
  2. stylo

    'New Pokémon Snap' gets release trailer

    I don't understand the appeal of this game. Whatever floats your boat I guess....
  3. stylo

    Castlevania Resurrection prototype disk listed for sale online

    $20,000 and still wants $5.20 shipping. What a dick.
  4. stylo

    Hacking Question Is it worth to stay with SX OS?

    I just switched to Atmosphere. I feel like it is worth it if you put in the work. I thought Atmosphere would lose USB HDD and XCI but Tinfoil can install XCI to SD from USB HDD just fine. Some more tips: 1. Backup saves with JKSV and back up the folder it makes on the SD card to your computer...
  5. stylo

    Gaming Mario 3D Allstars - Crashing issue

    Im using SXOS. What I did was: Update SXOS to 3.0.5 Beta Update to 10.2.0 Emunand Installed XCI and update 1.0.1 through the photo album Now everything works as expected. Thanks to SXOS team for making it so easy.
  6. stylo

    Hacking How to update SXOS emunand from 8.1.0 to 10.1

    I've never seen this but I would try another firmware in the 10.x series.
  7. stylo

    Hacking 10.04 with SX OS 3.0.3 problem

    I find it easier to put the game on a flash drive and install it using the dock. SX OS has built in installer for NSP and XCI from USB so you dont even have to turn off your switch and remove the sd card. Get a giant SD card, format it to fat32 for stability and never look back.
  8. stylo

    Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed, yet again, will now release in November

    I feel it's the other way around. They are holding it back so people don't play it before the new consoles come out so they can make more sales. Surely tons of people will buy it as a launch title because it will be the best thing available to play at that time. If it came out in September...
  9. stylo

    New Paper Mario: The Origami King trailer gives a closer look at the game

    The game has some interesting things but what I am most disappointed with were the bosses like colored pencils and tape. Really? I'm not sure I even want to waste my bandwidth on that.
  10. stylo

    Hacking Should I downgrade then login to Nintendo Account?

    I don't think you can link an account unless you are on the newest firmware.
  11. stylo

    Hacking Suggestion Good news for Switch users running OFW 9.0.0

    Could they have just added support and changed something for that new fitness band thing?
  12. stylo

    Streets of Rage 4 Gamescom gameplay footage, Nintendo Switch version confirmed

    Awesome! Can't wait to rock this with friends.
  13. stylo

    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD revealed by SEGA

    I was wondering why the Switch didn't have this game yet. Can't wait to play it!
  14. stylo

    Homebrew RELEASE Apollo - File Explorer for Nintendo Switch

    I second the USB storage access. I want to move files from a USB drive to my SD card. Awesome job, this is one of those must have kind of apps.
  15. stylo

    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Just bought a NEW Switch Red/Blue from Gamestop with a serial of XAW1006 unpatched! Came with firmware 4.1.0. I thought that wasn't supposed to be possible anymore. I went in expecting to get an unhackable console and BOOM! I can't believe it. SX Pro arrives Monday!
  16. stylo

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hey guys, thanks for having a place to ask these noob questions. Which switch should I buy? Are there any bundles on the shelf I should go grab? Does it even matter because there is some kind of mod I can buy that works for any Switch? I just want to go buy one and tinker, you know?
  17. stylo


    Well, Nintendo didn't take care of the manufacturing process properly.
  18. stylo

    Hacking dragon quest viii

    I totally agree with you. If you like the game and intend on actually playing it, you should buy it. I doubt I will ever actually play this game, but it's nice to know the Sky3DS team came through with an update to make these newer games work. I'm surprised I didn't see a news post about it...
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