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  1. Kuragari Ryo

    You know what's' more awesome than a house of ninjas?

    A house of dead ninjas. Oh hey, whoever's reading this. (If anyone still is! Lol!) I just found out that the blogs are back, so what better way to celebrate than to get drunk post something! You know what flash game is pretty fun? House of Dead Ninjas. You know what game is awesome? Super...
  2. Kuragari Ryo

    Comment by 'Kuragari Ryo' in 'A warrior takes sword in hand, clasping a gem to his heart...'

    It's one of those you-had-to-be-there moments I guess. :( But I definately will try that save another time! :D
  3. Kuragari Ryo

    Comment by 'Kuragari Ryo' in 'A warrior takes sword in hand, clasping a gem to his heart...'

    I tried. The Vita wont let me screenshot this game for whatever reason.
  4. Kuragari Ryo

    A warrior takes sword in hand, clasping a gem to his heart...

    Engraving vanishing memories into the sword, He places finely honed skills into the stone. Spoken from the sword, handed down from the stone, Now the story can be told... Final Fantasy Tactics is so much fun; it's so great to just break that game and maul the AI like it's never been mauled...
  5. Kuragari Ryo

    Shopkeepers don't play around.

    Large images inbound, they'll go in spoiler tags. I enjoy playing rougelikes, and I enjoy playing platforming games. What do you get when you combine the two? You get Spelunky, that's what. This game does not care that you want to survive to the end, it'll find a way to make you taste bitter...
  6. Kuragari Ryo

    Photons and sabers and rifles, oh my.

    I mentioned before that I wasted a lot of time with Phantasy Star Online. What I forgot to mention is that I don't really like Universe too much, and skipped it after playing for a few hours at a friend's. I let a buddy of mine convince me to try Phantasy Star Portable 2 (Skipped the first one...
  7. Kuragari Ryo

    Comment by 'Kuragari Ryo' in 'A world of nostalgia'

    I've done that in the GBA one to make the coins turn into those peach ones. I've also played through it without getting powerups that weren't the mushroom. Yep~
  8. Kuragari Ryo

    A world of nostalgia

    I beat New Super Mario Bros 2 the other day, and it made me think about something regarding the game's difficulty. It was easy (for me, anyway) to just quickly beat, but were these games really all that difficult to begin with? Maybe when I was younger these games had some kind of challenge...
  9. Kuragari Ryo

    The Match of the Millenium

    Disclaimer: I suck at fighting games. So I decided to mess around with SNK VS Capcom: Match of the Millenium on the Neo-Geo Pocket Color today. The NGPC was one of those systems that I wanted when I was young, but for the life of me, couldn't get ahold of for whatever reason. Usually I would...
  10. Kuragari Ryo

    You know you want to touch it.

    Every now and then you play a game that makes you grin childishly over the silly things you're doing. Katamari Damacy! Is one such game. Touch my Katamari on the Vita's made me laugh and smile so much, that I'm surprised my face hasn't frozen in some sort of abomination Joker-esque...
  11. Kuragari Ryo

    Bat punching galore!

    Now for something somewhat different. What..? We've seem to fallen into a hole. This shouldn't look too familiar to those NES veterans we have; this is a completely new NES homebrew game, or new to those who haven't seen it! This is the demo of Super Bat Puncher! Bats have infested this...
  12. Kuragari Ryo

    Comment by 'Kuragari Ryo' in 'It's a secret to everybody.'

    Edited & credited. Thank you! :D
  13. Kuragari Ryo

    Comment by 'Kuragari Ryo' in 'Greed and mustaches'

    It's a blog~ I don't really want to do reviews. :(
  14. Kuragari Ryo

    It's a secret to everybody.

    This is a -VERY- familiar sight! It's hard to not recognize this game; the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. This game was one I had to search around for at various stores before I could find it, but a cousin and I explored around the game so many times that I -STILL- know it like the back of...
  15. Kuragari Ryo

    Greed and mustaches

    Good day! I have a number of pictures that I think I'll stick in spoiler tags since apparently, the ipod takes large photos. Well, this is a very familiar looking game! Look at that little gremlin grin about finding an explosive orange underwater! Yes, I was dabbling with Super Mario Land 3...
  16. Kuragari Ryo

    Comment by 'Kuragari Ryo' in 'Awakening eyes'

    Good ol' Atari. I miss that thing; I've been wanting to play Pitfall for some time. D: I really didn't want to play a game involving falling into pits. xD Even as a little kid I knew that was garbage. Interstingly enough, you can avoid the pits altogether if you wanted.. But you still have to...
  17. Kuragari Ryo

    Awakening eyes

    Well. I was debating over what I wanted to do in here, since well.. I cant think of anything interesting. Since I don't really use the Gaia blogs, and I'm not really too active here, I figured why not try to at least increase my activity on GBAtemp. (Especially since I've long since gotten a bit...
  18. Kuragari Ryo

    Eyes of the Fox

    Eyes of the Fox
  19. Kuragari Ryo

    Eyes of the Fox

    Eyes of the Fox
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