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    Homebrew Golden Sun The Lost Age on 3ds(xl)

    Hi. I have a GBA SP, NDS, and 3dsxl (old style). Just acquired a gg for GSDD, and in a "flash" of nostalgia I would like to replay GS1 and 2 before jumping into the guide. (I finished GS1 on GBA and got stuck in GS2 ages ago, and sold all gba games long ago) I put the GS1 and GS2 roms on my...
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    Hacking umoria on nintendo dsx86

    Yesterday I finally managed to run Advance Wars on my 3dsxl (acekard) as well as on my nds (r4). However orginally I got a dos emulator called scummvms or something, and ran an umoria clone called angband. I never got it to work again, lost the firmware directory. Has anyone managed to actually...
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    Homebrew Acecard question: how to replace the Spongebob icon?

    Acecard question: how to replace the Spongebob icon? I could not find such file as icon on my acecard. Is it even possible? I would prefer to load a nice chick instead. TIA!
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    Gaming How to run Dungeon Master on 3dsxl

    I got a DS crimson black with R4 card and on it was something called snes9x or similar, and I could play Dungeon Master, and Chrono trigger and Day of the tentacle. Sadly I lost the contents of the R4. Any idea what specific software I can use so I could play dungeon master on my Acecard wood...
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    Gaming How to run GBA games on 3ds?

    On Acecard 3ds. (Also have a R4 classic if that is needed.) I want to run gba games on my 3dsxl. On Acecard 3ds. (Also have a R4 classic if that is needed.) I miss minish cap for example, and most of all want to properly play FFTA. And replay AW. Game roms work fine on laptop via emulator...
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    Hacking R4ds not working

    Btw, I ordered a r4+ 3ds, from r4ds dot cn, and it doesn't work. At all. Not 3ds nor ds. The cartridge has red text color. So for those ppl looking forward to play nnk on 3ds, my advice is get a different card.
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    Gaming elminage

    anyone translated elminage game for ds?
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