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  1. ShigeruTR

    Gaming SONIC & SEGA All Stars Racing

    Hello, I'm playing this games nowadays. It's really good to spend many hours with friends but I don't have the free time too much. So I need the a fully save file for this game. Then, I will write a critique. Thanks
  2. ShigeruTR

    Misc Scribblenauts Friend Codes

    After 4 days, We can have a friend code and share our level creations. (:
  3. ShigeruTR

    Hacking [Black]-[White]-[Red] Theme for R4DS This theme for the NDSThemes's Contest. If you like it please use vote I'll wait your comments. Thanks.
  4. ShigeruTR

    Hacking Pokemon Heart Gold & Silver Soul Themes

    Pokémon Heart Gold|Pokémon Silver Soul
  5. ShigeruTR

    Hacking Edge DSi Mix

    Click here for Download Thanks for supports!
  6. ShigeruTR

    Homebrew New version of Beup Live

    HtheB showed me his new version of Beup Live.It is book style and it has user interface! It will very nice! Sorry,it was joke but HtheB is know it =) Who know,Maybe we will see a new version of Beup Live ^^
  7. ShigeruTR

    My Gallery

    Hiya My Photoshop works are here ^.^ Firstly , I want showing my signs. After few comment I will upload other works (avatar etc.) OK ! My Last Sign ; For DFI
  8. ShigeruTR

    Misc Ragnarök Online DS Friend Codes

    Would you like to play RO DS on Wi-Fi? If you finished story mode , you can wrote your friend code this thread. Then , I'll add you the list.
  9. ShigeruTR

    Homebrew Zinc / Impact Emulator for DS

    Hello ^^ I love Rival Schools , Star Gladiator 2 , Strider Hiryu etc. and I want play on my DS. Is that possible? Good days.
  10. ShigeruTR

    ROM Hack Need : Translations Guide for new people

    Hi to all. Firstly , I'm sorry for my English. I'm Turkish and I'm interesting translations , homebrew etc. I want make translations for my friends to Turkish For that , I need guide I want to learn. Thanks.
  11. ShigeruTR

    Hacking Chinese M3 Real.. Freeze generally

    My bad English. I hope , You are understand me. My M3 Real is white , It's Chinese. It's too slowly ( opening etc. ) and It's freeze generally in menu or in game. What should I do? Can you say me? Besides can I use iTouch firmware? Can you say that about. I will wait your replies. Thanks.
  12. ShigeruTR

    Hacking Help DS Lite

    I can't turn on my DS properly. It turns on when I press my fingers on buttons, and it turns off when I lift my finger Do you help me ?
  13. ShigeruTR

    Hacking M3 Simply Problem.

    Hi all, I bought a Kingston 1 GB Micro SD a couple of days ago. At first I didn't notice anything but my ds shutting itself down a few times. But earlier today my ds started to shut itself down after 1 or 2 minutes. That annoyed me a lot naturally and I did a little research. I found out that...
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