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  1. MarkDaPirate

    Hacking Remove SD card without Force Shut down?

    Is there anyway to remove the SD Card without switch forcing a shut down? Thanks for any help
  2. MarkDaPirate

    The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

    If you love the music of Legend of Zelda you should check this out!
  3. MarkDaPirate

    Hacking Question about playing new firmware games

    Hi all, I brought a 5.3.2 Wii U last month ready to play Zelda Twilight Princess HD. So im guessing when I pop in the game disc its going to ask me to update? What do I need to do to play the game with out updating? I know I can spoof the firmware but is that not recommended? Thank you for...
  4. MarkDaPirate

    Hacking Anyway to remove 3DS update?

    I just got my Gateway all set up and running fine but like an idiot I left my WIFI on after loading the gateway using the browser. Now my 3DS has auto downloaded the update and keeps asking me to update. Is there any way for me to remove the update? Will downgrading remove it? Thanks all :)
  5. MarkDaPirate

    Hacking What firmware comes with the new pokemon x and y 3ds?

    does any one know what firmware comes installed on the UK x and y 3ds? I thinking of buying one and I guess it will be on a firmware that wont run gateway, which is fine but If it had the option to do so it would be a bonus :P Thanks guys
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