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  1. foxtochop

    Hardware Does this mean Joy-Con drift is a software issue??

    In the video, this guy fixes drift on Pro Controller by pairing a gamecube controller first. Someone in the comments said it works also for regular Joy-Con. Could this mean it can be fixable by a system update? PS: Tried to share this topic on Nintendo SW subreddit and it got insta-deleted...
  2. foxtochop

    ROM Hack Is it possible to make a CIA file out of a FreeShop download on a console?

    Pretty much what the title says.
  3. foxtochop

    Hacking About Public/Private headers; playing CIA/Freeshop Games; risks of ban on Online/Local Multiplayer.

    Hi GBATemp! I've come to this place for the last 2 weeks at least once a day to get info about all I wrote in the title of this thread. The thing is, I want to know updated info about some things because I don't want my 2DS XL to be banned, or at least to play with the lowest chances of it...
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