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  1. hitodesu

    ROM Hack Suggestion A mod to remove Final Fantasy 9's border?

    Title. Would be grateful if anyone took the time make this quality of life mod.
  2. hitodesu

    Hardware Looking for a good portable dock

    I'm looking to get a portable switch dock and am wondering if anyone can recommend a dock that will not brick, is decently priced and will not scuff up my switch. If anyone is going to say "Just use Nintendo's dock", that's not what I asked for so please keep that to yourself. All...
  3. hitodesu

    Hardware How much could I sell my ps3 for?

    It's a cechl01 80gb ps3 with 2 usb ports (not sure if this is important but the little logo is titled). I remember the fw being 4.5x, would it be more valuable if it was 3.55? Finally is this ps3 backwards compatible? Thank you.
  4. hitodesu

    Hacking Found DNS for web browsing on 3.0.0

    No need for further ado, the DNS is Thanks to vgmoose for this! Posted from switch :)
  5. hitodesu

    Hacking Question DNS browser seems to not work on 3.0?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, which I hope to be, but the dns I was using previously and an alternative one fail to bring up the captive portal for me. Is this something they patched, something I'm doing wrong or something the hosts need to update? The dns I am currently trying to use
  6. hitodesu

    Hacking Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

    I found something interesting out the other day. If you have your switch on a dns to browse (I think fiddler also works) when you try to play the global testfire, it will bring up the browser but what makes this interesting to me is that all of the other methods I know of do not allow you to go...
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