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  1. emcintosh

    Purple Pikmin Wario

    Purple Pikmin are clearly Wario - rotund, slow but strong, purple, with distinctive hair and they attack by slamming into the ground.
  2. emcintosh

    Derpy blue pikmin pen stand

    Recent OS updates have forced me to retire my venerable old Wacom Graphire2 graphics tablet (selling it here). I like that my new Intuos Art tablet can double as a giant trackpad, but miss some features of the previous model - the eraser on the top of the pen and the pen stand. The Intuos has a...
  3. emcintosh

    Blog: emcintosh

    Blog: emcintosh
  4. My hearing aid seems to have a tiny metroid in it (•:)€.

    My hearing aid seems to have a tiny metroid in it (•:)€.

    If I bring my hand too close, it lets out the distinctive shriek.
  5. emcintosh

    Comment by 'emcintosh' in 'Some notes of some moron (or "How I came across GBA games that didn’t want to save progress on the 3DS virtual console").'

    Пусть солнце всегда в сердце! Have you found the patch to simulate light level changes with button combinations? Otherwise I would recommend running Boktai in mGBA (I have light level changes mapped to the n3DS...
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