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  1. SoupaFace

    Hacking Plugin that WON'T work on 6.60 Pro-C2..?

    So I've recently upgraded my PSP 1000 to 6.60 Pro-C2 and figured I might as well try out Birth by Sleep Final Mix w/translation patch 1.0.12. Sure enough I'm being forced to select things with the "O" button now as the Japanese have been doing for ages. However I am aware that there's a way to...
  2. SoupaFace

    I'm only here 4 teh hax

    I figured I would let you all know that while I used to check out this fine forum pretty frequently back in 2009, it never occurred to me to make an account of my own. After questioning whether or not to sell my Supercard DSTWO to a friend I was reminded of this site and it's community... so...
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    K @ kenny25: Please can help me with fairy tail 1.0.6 cheats to Nintendo Switch? Thanks :(