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  1. Flv97

    Hacking Launchers' Forwarders

    Wow, thank you a lot!
  2. Flv97

    Hacking Launchers' Forwarders

    Hi guys, recently I’ve soft-modded an old Wii and now I’ve the latest versions of the three main loaders plus Nintendont. I’d like to install forwarders for all of them, could I use the forwarders linked in the sticky threads here in the forum without problem? These forwarders works with all...
  3. Flv97


    Hi guys, I’ve the latest versions of main loaders (CFG Loader, USB Loader, WiiFlow, Nintendont), YAWMM as wad manager and Bootmii as boot2 + Priiloader. I’d like to install forwarders for my loaders, I’ve seen them in the loaders’ official pages on GitHub and in the related topics here, but...
  4. Flv97

    Tutorial How to dump your own 3DS/DS games/saves.

    Hi guys, I’ve finally collected all 150 stars on Super Mario 64 DS game so I’d like to dump my entire cartridge (game + save files) for safety. Reading the guide I tried the WiFi method using WoodDumper r89, because I’ve only a slot 1 flashcard (DSONEi Mini SDHC) and an old DS Lite, but after...
  5. Flv97

    Hacking Updating .rpx file with Uwizard

    Ok thanx a lot!
  6. Flv97

    Emulation [RELEASE] Cemu - Wii U emulator

    Hi, sorry for the OT :blush: but please someone reply at my question here..thanx a lot
  7. Flv97

    Hacking Updating .rpx file with Uwizard

    Hi guys, I want to update Mario Kart 8 with the 2 dlc and play it on Cemu; to do this I need Uwizard but i haven't a wud of the game but only an rpx file and the program doesn't recognize it..someone have a solution? Thanks :)
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